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There is a new online casino out there in the virtual world, and it has already made quite a splash. This new entrant provides a fresh look by enhancing the player experience and giving lots of opportunities to win big. This is a great combination, and it has already won over thousands of players from around the world. With its distinctive Ancient Egyptian theme and more than 2,500 casino games alone, there is enough
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If you’re looking for something new, check out the recently added free slots section. The slot sin this section update regularly as new slots are added. Checking this section regularly can ensure that you’re one of the first to play any new slots available online. This is one feature that you won’t get from a search engine query. The game type, developer and time it was released are available for your reference.

Reputable Sports Betting and Online Casino Sites

Perhaps the most important section on the site is the reputable sports betting and online casino sites section. This section contains a selection of vetted online casino sites with complete reviews of their offerings. These reviews are professional, and can help online gamers sift through the noise that is common with online gaming reviews. The goal of is to provide accurate and reliable information. The reviews provided on the website are diligent and honest.

Information About Reviews

The Internet can provide individuals with an anonymous, relaxing and no-strings attached venue to enjoy their favorite games. People can interact from the comfort of their home or office, and enjoy the company of others without having to take the time to visit a physical location. It’s important that players take it upon themselves to understand the legal ramifications of playing games online. While online gaming used to fall under a legal grey area, it is now accepted and legal in many jurisdictions. The new legality has benefited players, since online casinos must now follow strict policies and adhere to local laws. Players can feel more secure, and official sites like can provide open and honest reviews about the best and worst of the online gaming community.

How Critic.Net Approaches Reviews could make a lot of money by taking sponsored reviews and posting them on the website. However, this isn’t how the website operates and it goes against the basic mission of the site. The reviews on are independent and not sponsored. Passionate reviewers create posts to share their passion for a particular game or site. This provides a more accurate and real evaluation of the various online casinos. If someone got scammed on one of these sites, the chances are good that a reviewer will come to to report the scam. Reviewers aim to provide a complete and transparent overview of the sites they review. Ratings are based on the ease of use, payout speed, available games and finally the online casino is given an overall rating.

What Reviews Include

Take a look at the reviews available on, and you will immediately notice a few important points. The reviews are organized into easily definable sections, and let you know exactly why the casino was chosen for review. Information about bonuses and promotions are clearly labeled, and information about the casino provides an in-depth look at the offerings. Screenshots are available so that you don’t have to visit the site before you judge the overall atmosphere and tone. Finally, visitors to are encouraged to leave comments, and post their own observations about the online casino being reviewed.

The User Experience

Not all players are going to have the same issues with a particular site. If one player accesses a site on a Mac with Safari, and another uses a PC with Internet Explorer, they both may have radically different experiences. The reviewers understand this, and attempt to account for any user experience issues that may be due to the operating system and browser used. Payout speeds are another factor that may coincide with the speed of Internet connection and other factors. While most online games use flash-based technology, and other programming that circumvents issues with slow page-loading, some users with slower connections may want to avoid certain games. When possible, this information is also included in the reviews.

Staying Safe and Secure

With online casinos, individuals are making transactions and should be wary of any financial information they send online. For this reason, provides a complete review of the security, payment policies and other issues that could impact the user’s financial data. Provided the proper security precautions are taken, it’s safe to send information to properly encrypted websites. discusses the information you need to ensure that your financial data stays secure. However, it’s also important to realize that most phishing and data theft comes as a result of an infected computer. Running and antivirus program and eliminating malware regularly can help keep your computer safe.

Customer Service

One of the most frustrating aspects of playing online is that you never know how good the customer service is going to be until you need help. The customer service response time and effectiveness of responses is something that tests. Users can also run a quick test with any new website they frequent. Simply send an email to the online casino using the contact information provided. See how long it takes for their customer service team to reply to you. If you don’t get a response, it’s recommended that you play at another more responsible online casino.