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Critic.net is an informational and entertainment site that reviews and critiques online casinos and sports betting sites located in the U.S.A., U.K and throughout Europe. Critic.net, known hereafter as “site,” provides these reviews based on non-biased experiences the site has with these different betting and gambling sites and through user experiences on their blog.

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Any information contained on this site should be considered an opinion and not a specific fact. This site encourages users to interact on their blog and is not responsible for information placed on the blog by users about any other site. Negative information placed on this site about any specific site is based on experience and should be viewed only as that. Every person will have their own unique experience when using a gambling or betting site.

Use of this site should not be seen as an encouragement to gamble wither online or offline. Site owners are providing a service only and do not require users to actually follow their advice or recommendations posted on the site.

Site owners encourage users of this site who believe that they may have a gambling or betting problem or addiction to seek immediate help within their community. Support services as well as rehabilitative services are available around the world for people who feel they have a gambling or betting problem.

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This site is meant for adult entertainment purposes. While it is not illegal for minors in any country to read a webpage or blog that concerns betting or gambling, it is illegal in all countries or minors to participate in online gambling or betting. We encourage any minor users of this site to seek information about gambling or betting from an appropriate adult.

This site wishes to inform all users that online gambling or betting may not be legal in all areas or in all countries. Our site will review gambling sites, online casinos and betting sites from around the world to provide useful information about that site. This does not mean that use of that casino site or betting site is legal in your city, state, territory, or country. All users are requested to check the laws concerning online casino gambling and betting for their area.

This site would also like to stress the importance of understanding that the casinos, gambling sites, and betting sites that it is using are places where you spend money to gamble on the outcome of a bet or game of chance. Real money is used in various denominations. People who use these sites will be required to give a credit card number or other form of financial information to secure the bets they are acing or cover their games of chance. This is real money that can be lost if you do not win the bet or the game.

This site must stress that because personal finances and wealth are at risk that all users precede with caution. The information on this site should not be seen as a guarantee to win at any of these other sites or in their physical locations, nor should it be seen as an offer or other form of encouragement to play these games of chance.

Any changes to these Terms and Conditions will be publicly posted on the sites homepage for a short period of time to notify the public of those changes.