[miau] “A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work,” is a common humorous saying that is popular among the supporters of the outdoors and fishing. Fishing and gaming comes together when playing this highly entertaining online slot game “Reel ‘Em In.” This slot game is highly entertaining and is available online through the use of a number of portable devices and personal computers.


The graphics and sound on this game are definitely entertaining. There are assorted sea creatures and other related items to represent the deep sea and fishing. These icons include such things as a variety of different types of fish, a bobber, a tackle box, a cartoon worm on a hook, a fishing pole, and fishing lures. The sound is light and fun loving with an undertone of a bubbling sound.

Reels and Pay lines

There are 20 available pay lines on this game as well as five separate reels. The minimum bet that can be placed per line is one cent and the maximum win is $250,000. The player can wager on one line or all twenty.

Wagers and Pay tables

The wagers that can be bet on this game range from one penny up to $200. The pay tables for lining up three or more symbols ranges from two times the bet to 25 times the pay of the bet.


The scatter feature activates a bonus when it is landed on three of the reels, one of them required to be on the fifth reel. When this is activated, the player can land one of three bonus rounds. These rounds are the Big Bass Hole, the fishing hole, or the fishing contest.

The Big Bass Hole is a mini game in which the player can earn over 40 times their bet per fish that the gamer catches. The fish that are in this bass hole are an assortment of different sized fish with different payouts.

The fishing hole bonus puts the player in a boat to take their chances on what they will catch out of the hole. The screen displays an array of fish swimming along in the water and it is up to the fisherman to drop his line in the water to lure in the biggest one.

The fishing contest bonus pits the gamer against the other fisherman in their boats on the screen. In a timed competition, the gamer is fishing against the clock and other players on screen. This hole contains fish of different point values as well as some unwanted objects such as the old shoe.

This online fishing themed slot game is as much fun to play on a mobile device as it is in the actual casino. The fun cartoon characteristics of the icons and fish make this fishing game an enthralling outing from a gaming prospective.

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