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Online gambling is both an enormous source of revenue for casinos and one of the most popular forms of digital entertainment for those with a bit of disposable income. Before opening an account with an online casino and attempting to strike it rich, though, you’ll have the difficult task of deciding which casino to patronize. publishes reviews of the most popular online casinos and bookmakers, rating them in crucial areas such as ease of use, fast payouts and betting odds.

Why Use for Casino Reviews?

An online casino can be an extremely profitable venture. As a result, there is a nearly infinite number of online casinos from which to choose — not all of which may be entirely honest. In addition, many online casinos have “affiliate programs.” Through these programs, the casinos pay commissions to websites that attract new customers. Review websites therefore have a powerful incentive to give positive reviews to as many online casinos as possible to maximize their affiliate commissions. To choose the best online casino, you have to “go with your gut” and look for the review websites that offer the most detail. With the level of detail provided by the reviews at, you can be certain that the reviewers have actually used the casinos in question and aren’t simply repeating what they’ve read in press materials.

What to Look for in Online Casino Reviews

An online casino review should cover much more than the types of games offered. Before choosing one of the casinos reviewed on or another website, look at the different forms of payment allowed and find out how long it will take for your account to become active. In some cases, there may be a short waiting period while your payment clears. In other cases, you can begin playing immediately. Many casinos also offer large signup bonuses to members who place minimum deposits when opening their accounts. Look for a casino offering this to get the most for your money.

Before choosing an online casino, you should also check the reviews on or another website to confirm that the fairness of the casino has been verified. Many online casinos use third-party agencies to verify that their random number generators are fair and honest. In addition, many casinos provide users with the encrypted “hashes” used to generate their random numbers. Using a tool provided by the casino, you can input a hash and compare the tool’s results with the results of an actual game. They should always match. Blog

Even if you have already chosen your favorite online casino, you may still wish to visit periodically to read the latest blog posts. The blog covers news from around the gambling industry and periodically publishes tips that can help you improve your skills at your favorite games.