[miau] Over the last decade the Transformers movies have brought in millions of viewers and they have become extremely popular. There are tons of Transformers products on the market today for people to consume. The average gambler may not expect to find a Transformers Slot machine online, but now there is a transformers game available. Transformers Battle for Cybertron is a great Transformers slot game that is packed with references to Transformers and features great payouts.
transformers_slot_machineTransformers Battle for Cybertron is a wonderful slot game. It is action packed and it is extremely exciting to play. The game features a five reel and forty fixed payline system and it features some excellent graphics. This game features a fairly simple system, but the Transformers features really push the game over the edge.
The cube is a powerful element in the Transformers universe. It has the power to change the fate of the entire universe. In this game the Cube is the wild and it definitely can change your game. If the cube comes up on your slot machine it will replace every symbol on your board except for the bonus symbols. This is an amazing wild system and it will change the way you play the game.
There is also a mystery feature in Transformers Battle for Cybertron. This feature can trigger any of five different options. One of the options features Optimus Prime. Optimus will blow away all of the Deception Icons which will massively increase your chances of winning. I found this feature to be extremely exciting and I was filled with anticipation every time Optimus popped up. Optimus’ greatest enemy, Megatron, also makes an appearance and he will knock out all of the Autobot symbols. Another famous Transformer, Grimlock, can appear and blow up a random pattern of symbols. Shockwave is an extremely popular Transformer and he also makes an appearance in this slot game. He blows up a particular pattern of icons to give you a better chance at winning. Ratchet is the final random bonus and if you have two bonus icons you will get an extra bonus through Ratchet. I found the use of Transformers as the mystery feature to be one of the most compelling reasons to play the game.
There are a wide variety of other bonuses in the game. Including the typical free spins and multipliers. The game is extremely generous with their bonuses and you are sure to enjoy playing this game.
Transformers Battle for Cybertron can be found on a wide variety of sites and you are sure to enjoy the references to the popular science fiction series. If you are hoping to play a slot game that references pop culture, then you definitely need to check out this game. It will change the way you play the game and you will enjoy this game for years to come.

Transformers Slot
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