[miau] Only a few names come to mind when the subject of legends and icons in the music industry is in discussion. On the top of this list of performers is Elvis. Although he is long gone from this world, his devout followers are as passionate as ever. These people can now enjoy their love of gaming and their love of Elvis when they play this entertaining Elvis: The King Lives online slot game.


The graphics for this game are relatively plain and mostly display for function. The configuration of the screen is unusual. There are Elvis themed icons that appear on the reels including a guitar, a hound dog, a pair of blue suede shoes, a purple teddy bear, photos of Elvis, and alphabet letters. Although the visual graphics are rather common and plain, the well known music that plays is a definite bonus for the Elvis loving player.

Reels and Pay lines

This game boasts 80 lines of play and 8 reels to spin. This rather odd configuration offers the gambler a multitude of lines and reels but causes some confusion and creates a very busy screen during spins. However, with all of these opportunities to bet, the payouts are frequent.

Wagers and Pay tables

Wagering on this online game start at a minimum betting of two lines and increases in increments of two until the maximum of 80 lines is reached. The maximum bet on these lines is $240. The minimum bet is two cents, and the minimum amount of lines that can be bet is one. The player can obtain information for the specific payouts by pressing on the “paytable” icon on the lower left corner of the screen.


There are a number of bonuses on this game. For lining up three or more of the letters, the payouts are a minimum bet of two cents for landing three icons, and this increases up to thirty cents for landing five of these icons on the reels.

For lining up the icons of the guitar, hound dog, shoes, and teddy bear, the pay outs range from three cents for three icons, to a dollar fifty for lining up five of the guitar icons. Each individual icon has its own pay out amounts.

There are bonuses gained when the wild card turns up on the reels. This card takes the place of other cards on the screen, creating larger payouts. There is also a bonus called the Elvis Feature. This bonus activates when the record symbol appears on reels one and four or five and eight. This also activates if three scatter icons appear on reels nine, ten, or eleven.

For those gamers who just can’t get enough of “The King” during their day, this game will fulfill that need. This online slots game allows the gamer to enjoy Elvis while playing.

Elvis The King Lives Slot
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