[miau] If you are a fan of Marvel’s the X-Men or just a lover of online slots, this is the perfect game for you. Because of first, the classic comics, and then the popular movie franchise, fans of the superhero team can’t seem to get enough of Wolverine, Magneto, Dr. X, and their cohorts. Just like in the famous flicks, comics, and cartoon, the main conflict is the displacement the mutants feel among the humans. This is well-represented in the Playtech X-Men Slot Machine.

x-men_slot_machineX-Men is a 50 line slot game that allows players to bet up to ten coins per lines. The size of the bet can be adjusted, according to the player’s tastes. The bet normally begins at one cent. The goal of this particular slot game, like most other ones, is to match the symbols across the line, from left to right. It takes at least three matching symbols in a row for a win. However, a couple of the high-valued symbols with get you a win with only two matches.

The symbols of this online slot machine game are the X-Men characters themselves, including the heroes—Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, and Nightcrawler, against a blue background. The game also features the popular villains like Lady Deathstrike, Mystique, and Juggernaut, against a red background.

The big wins come from the two main leaders, Professor X and Magneto. Hitting five in a row following either of these leaders will earn you 1,500 times the amount of the bet you placed on the payline. There’s also a wild symbol that can be substituted for any of the regular symbols.You can then win up to 10,000 credits if you hit five in a row. A scatter symbol will earn you a multiplier of the amount of that play, that is if you can find two or more of anything on the reels.

There are several great features on the X-Men Slot Machine game, including the Free Games Feature and the X-Feature. The Free Games Feature is exactly what is says. If you hit three or more scatter symbols on any spin, you’ll immediately activate free games. The X-Feature is when five hero symbols are hot in an “X” pattern on the second, third, and fourth reels.

The other feature is the Marvel Progressive Jackpot. The player randomly enters the Marvel Progressive Jackpot mode during a play at any time. However, the odds of entering this bonus mode are determined by the size of the bet.

Overall, this game is a blast for anyone who loves online slots. The graphics are added bonuses for fans of the Marvel comics. The gameplay is fast and exciting, and best of all can be played for free on almost any respectable online casino.

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