[miau] With the comic book world of Marvel in slots, comes to you the game of Wolverine. You can play online or in select casinos of your choice. You can win up to three thousand times the amount you place a bet with many bonus rounds available. With 5 reels spinning, you can place up to twenty-five play lines of bets.

wolverine_slot_machineWith the following controls auto play, lines, bet, spin, you can control how you play by the lines as well as the amount you place as the bet. With the auto play option you have the choice to decide how many times to automatically spin, and how many coins you would like to play in the select time frame of the game.

The reel symbols include a syringe, dog tags, the multiple characters. When you see Wolverine that’s when you know you have hit your wild symbols they can appear as single, double and/or triple stacks and can cover all reel positions.

When three or saber tooth symbols appear on the screen you get the battle bonus. With the battle bonus the player is bestowed between one to five attacks and may result in a cash bonus, then with winning each battle you get an extra bonus prize. Same with the re-spin symbol if you get three or more wilds within five reels you are sure to get impressive wins within the Wolverine game. When landing a Berserker Rage you get a unique bonus round by getting awarded one free spin.

When first playing starting the Marvel Wolverine Slot machine the first thing you notice is the amount of detail they put into Wolverine even though he serves no reason for being there, just being stationary his animation seem flawless. Wolverine flexes his fingers, stretches his neck, showing his uneasiness when being left alone for to long.

The coins varies from one cent to twenty dollars, but the maximum bet per spin is one thousand dollars. When playing the utmost bet you will get the most benefit when betting. The sum of the winnings are on the left of the screen in plain sight, also plays as three progressive jackpots.

With all the Cryptologic slot games Marvel brings progressive slot games to increase many possible winnings. The graphics range from 3D images to immaculately designed images and graphics. Cryptologic games offer about two hundred forty three ways of winning with their slots.

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