[miau] The Wild West Slot machines are extremely addictive as they have the ability to keep the player entertained for a long period of time. Once I found the slot game I knew that I would be in trouble because it appeared to include all of the key features that I want out of a slot machine. By the time I had finished playing the game hours had slipped by without me even noticing.
wild_west_slot_machineFor aesthetic features the Wild West slot machine has some really cute but simple pictures in it. With each spin of the wheel the player will see a new message appear at the bottom of the reel which to me is a very cute feature. I just love it when it tells me Good Luck!
Ease of play and actual game quality are found in the Wild West slot machines. I was very happy to see the large I on a chip in the lower left hand of the screen, which meant this game, did in fact have the information button that I always search for. In the information screen one can easily scroll back and forth through screen with the arrow keys which are displayed on red and blue poker chips. The back key takes the player easily back to the slot game. Of course there is the option of turning on or off the sound effects of the game, which after a little while is really a blessing. One key feature found on this game that is not included in other slots is the gamble button. This button becomes available to the player after they win a spin. After pressing on the gamble button another little screen pops up with 4 cards on it and on the left side the player can choose from the button that says red or the one that says black and this is where they guess what the card face down in the middle is. If the player wins they can choose to gamble again or walk away with those winnings. If the player chooses wrong they are just taken back to the game page.
Bonuses are great in the Wild West game and this is another element that I look for in slot machines. If I have more than one chance to win something the odds are greater that I am going to stay with that game. Additional wagers can be placed during this game to up the ante so to speak when it comes to winning. This additional wager is called a Super Bet. If the player plays 10 lines and bets 40 coins on each line they increase the multiplier for that spin from times 2 to times 5. While I did not win very often in this game it was still very entertaining to me.

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