[miau] People who love dogs and slot machines will enjoy Wild Huskies.

Who Makes this Slot Machine?

Bally, a longtime maker of all kinds of gaming machines, publishes this video-slot game.

wild_huskies_slot_machineWhat Are this Machine’s Reel and Pay-Line Details?

Wild Huskies spins five reels and offers 40 pay lines. The player does not have to place an additional bet to activate the pay lines.

What Symbols Are on this Slot Machine’s Reels?

This game’s theme might best be termed “doggies in snow”. Its symbols include:

  • A pair of huskies
  • A lone husky
  • A snowflake
  • The ace from a deck of cards
  • The king
  • The queen
  • The jack
  • A “10”
  • A “9”

Those are the symbols on the game’s “regular” spots. Wild Huskies also has a wild side.

Does this Slot Machine Offer Wild Symbols, “Scatters” or Other Special Features?

When the board reveals a spot showing a white husky with “Wild” written across it, that spot substitutes for any regular symbol that creates a winning combination.

This game also features two “scatter” symbols. Each awards different prizes.

One scatter is called “Free Game”, and it obviously gives the player a free spin of this machine’s reels. For each of these symbols that lands on the layout at the end of a spin, the player receives one free spin. Spinning a video-slot game’s reels without placing a bet is a big deal to most slot players.

The other scatter this game offers is the “Bonus” spot. When three of these scatters appear anywhere on the layout, the player gets to choose one. The selected spot instantly awards the player a prize.

What Is this Machine’s Top Prize?

Wild Huskies awards up to 7,500 credits on one spin.

How Does a Player Win the Top Prize?

When any pay line shows five wild symbols in a row, the game awards the player 7,500 credits.

Does this Slot Machine Offer a Unique Playing Experience?

Other video slots may be more original and multi-layered. Slot players prefer machines that “speak” to them. Wild Huskies will speak to dog lovers, and they will find the game’s features special and engaging.

Is this a Fun Slot Machine?

Wild Huskies could offer more-interesting game play, but it will call some dog lovers to “go wild” and “play in the snow” with its majestic canines.

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