[miau]This campy, cartoon-style slot machine has fun with Scandinavian warrior lore.

Who Made this Title?

vikingmania_slot_machinePlaytech Software’s video-betting game gurus built Vikingmania’s playful world.

How Many Pay Lines and Reels Does this Machine Offer?

The player will find 20 optional pay lines available on Vikingmania’s five reels.

What Symbols Are on Vikingmania’s Reels?

This list details the game’s most-seen symbols:

A redheaded viking
An ornate viking horn
A wild boar
A female viking beauty with large eyes
The ace so familiar to poker players
The corresponding king
The queen
The jack
A “10”
A “9”

The above symbols only produce prizes when three or more of the same symbol land on the same pay line. To find symbols that award a variety of prizes, read the next section.

Does Vikingmania Offer any Special Features?

Like most video slot games, Vikingmania includes a “wild” symbol. This game’s wild spot bears a muscular, yellow-haired viking upon it. When this symbol appears on any pay line, it can substitute for every standard symbol and possibly help the player win a prize. This symbol cannot substitute for the game’s “scatter” or bonus spots.

Vikingmania offers a delightful symbol with an ancient map on it. When three or more of this “scatter” symbol appear on any reel and in any position, the player wins ten free spins with prizes multiplied up to five times.

During the free-spin mode, an “extended wild” symbol may completely cover one or more of the game’s reels. This larger version of the machine’s wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol in the game.

In addition, the game includes a spot with a comically-drawn “Hammer of the Gods” on it. Three or more of this symbol appearing on the game’s layout activates the machine’s “Viking Playtime Bonus” mode. This mode generates a simple, cartoon-like video game with an array of serious and goofy weapons. The player chooses a weapon and takes ten throws at a wooden target with a redheaded viking mounted to it. Chance determines this game’s results. Skill is absent. The total bonus from the ten tosses always adds up to between 300 and 500 credits.

What Is the Highest Prize a Player Can Win on this Campy Machine?

The player can win up to 50,000 credits on one pay line in Vikingmania.

How Does the Vikingmania Player Score the Top Prize?

If the player lines up five redheaded viking symbols on the same pay line during the game’s “free spin” mode, the award can equal as much as 50,000 credits and will equal no less than 30,000 credits.

Does this Slot Machine Offer a Fun Playing Experience?

Vikingmania is a unique hoot!

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