Better watch out, because there’s something under your bed. And that little something, hiding beyond your gaze, is a lot of fun and the promise of some big winnings! Under The Bed is a game which harkens back to the fascinations and fears of childhood. The ideas we all had that there was just something undefined out there in the dark. Monsters under our bed that could jump out in any second would join our hopes of hidden treasures and maps to ancient artifacts.

One can’t speak about Under The Bed without commenting first on the graphical design. The modern generation of video slots tends to place a fairly large emphasis on graphics. However, few other games reach the heights of Under The Bed. The game ditches the traditional idea of a border frame. Instead, the players are presented with a gorgeous screen where the entire playing area is in use.

A brother and his younger sister sit in the lower right hand corner of the screen. On the bottom, one finds the general layout of the gaming interface. These include the bet, paylines, bet per line and total bet. One of the more unique aspects of the game can be found with the kids.

The two main characters have experienced a similar feeling to what many of us have in our own youth. They’ve been seized with the idea that something odd is lurking under their bed. So with mom and dad tucked in for the night, they get together to flip over one of their own beds. And what they’ve found is a crazy entry point into comically monstrous adventure. They’re obviously a bit scared, a bit amused and a bit befuddled. But like the player, the kids are mostly curious.

The most entertaining aspect of the graphical design is how the kids react to the players actions. Again, a slight narrative is something that’s not too unusual for a video slot. What is unusual is for it to be so immersive. It plays a bit like a movie in many ways. Perhaps it’s the fact that it evokes such nostalgia for one’s own youth. But it’s hard not to get a bit hooked simply on the kid’s adventure. They’re facing their fears, and along with the player are trying to find some adventure and rewards along the way. One really wants them to succeed. And that goes along with the players own general drive to win bigger and bigger payouts.

As the player experiences various outcomes, both the kids and the playboard are filled with a variety of animations. As every event occurs, one can watch the kids react to it all. It’s almost like they’re constant companions for the player during the game. And it’s also as if the player were going along with them on their adventure. You’re a team aiming for the stars.

Of course presentation is only one part of a great game. There has to be a solid ruleset underneath it all for the player to enjoy. Under The Bed combines great graphics with a really solid game as well. First, one should consider the role of wild symbols. There’s multiple wilds, consisting of any of the monsters under the bed who have a rim around them. One of the great things about this is the fact that it triggers so often. The wild symbols trigger quite a bit more often than in most video slots.

However, the real treat of the game comes from the bonus round. If the player receives three or more bed symbols on a spin then they’ll trigger the bonus round. During this bonus they’ll have to select from various monsters. Each of the monsters will deliver both a prize and a scare to the kids. However, one choice will bring in the children’s mother to comfort them and end the round.

Again, this isn’t anything too different than in many other video slot games. It’s solid, and well done. But what really makes all of this unique is the sheer quality of the visual design. From hands reaching out to grab the children, to the comfort of their parents, it’s all done with a quality of animation that might well appear on the big screen. But these aren’t some darlings of dreamland, they’re right there within the midst of an interactive game.

And that’s what really adds an edge to the game. The players will constantly find themselves worried for the kids, and determined to protect them. And the way to do so is to protect their own investment. It’s a need to win with emotional consequence. It’s really important to win, because the characters on screen so obviously need to be helped.

And by adding an incentive to do one’s best, and add in a bit of extra strategy, the game rewards the player. It’s that additional emotional investment which really makes the game rise above the individual components. It’s hard not to stress the point too much. It’s more than a game, it’s almost like an interactive movie. One really needs to play for a while to understand just how important that can be to a game.

Now, of course that won’t appeal to everyone. Is it a game that any given person will enjoy? The best way to find out is to simply give it a spin. The presentation, as stated before, is amazing. It might well be one of the most graphically gorgeous games out there at the moment.

The gameplay is perfectly solid. The game also comes with a slight edge for the player thanks to a larger than normal amount of wild values. When one adds in the bonus games, than it will give one an even greater chance of winning than most games deliver.

Under The Bed Slot
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