Who wants to be a millionaire? That is not just the name of a popular game show. It is a question you could ask of any person on the planet and the logical answer you will get is “Everyone wants to be a millionaire”. Even those who say otherwise secretly do wish they could amass amazing wealth. That is why the Tycoon slot game is so appealing. It pokes fun at the idle rich while also paying homage to a number of traits the fabulously wealthy are known for.

Once you take your chance on this particular game, you will find yourself having a lot of fun traveling your own path to greater wealth. No, you won’t win a multi-million dollar jackpot but you definitely do have a shot at a decent payout. This is provided, of course, your winning combinations turn out in your favor. just as its not easy to stay and become rich, there are no guarantees of payouts here. You never know though. A big win could be one credit coin away.

The Visuals on Display

A gaudy visual splendor would be the best way to describe the images on the slot. The backdrop of the slot machine is a beautiful white Roman Empire-style mansion similar to one you would find in Malibu or another exclusive locale. The mansion alone is not the only visual prop that brings out the theme of wild wealth in an over-the-top manner. The foreground of the screen is loaded with cool imagery, too.

There is a beautiful fountain that is also evocative of the Roman style. Palm trees almost reach out from the screen. A red sports car further presents and image that wealth can buy you anything.

In the center of it all is the actual slot play field and its pretty fun to look at.

The symbols are cartoonish versions of stacks of cash, fine wine and champagne, luxurious cars, and a number of characters who would probably would never see in a real-life multi-million dollar mansion. They do make for a fun inclusion in the game here though.

3D Graphics Make The Game Come to Life

One fact that contributes to the visuals of the game looking downright tremendous is it integrates 3D graphics. The entire game almost comes off the screen allowing it to deliver the feeling you are right there in the middle of the mansion living with the rich and famous. The fun visuals allow you to feel as if you stepped right into an animated film version of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. A lot of care went into the 3D graphics and this adds a nice touch to the experience.

Betsoft is the company that drafted the software for the game. The job is a nearly perfect one. The one drawback here is the audio that accompanies the slot.

We’d Hope for the Sounds of Silence

If there was one annoying drawback to the sights and sounds of this particular slot game, it would be the sounds. The music that plays during the slot game is not exactly very creative. In fact, the moment you first hear it you just might be saying “Where is that coming from?” As you as you realize the slot game is the source, you’re going to be thinking about what to do to turn it off. Thankfully, you can turn off the sound with a minor click. If you do like the music/muzak, you certainly can keep it on.

Likely, once you adjust the sounds the way you wish, you are going to move on to actually playing the game. You’ll enjoy the experience.

Reels and Paylines

There are five reels on Tycoon slots and this is a fairly standard number. Most interestingly is the slot comes with a full 30 paylines. The sheer number of paylines makes opens a host of portals to those looking for more chances to walk away a big winner.

Free Spins – Another Plus

Who says you always have to put something up in order to partake in a spin? Free spins are available with Tycoon slot and you certainly will be thrilled with the handout. The second the right combo comes up for the free spin deal, you get your no-risk shot at winning big.

The game does offer a jackpot and this sweetens the whole experience. Maybe you’ll end up becoming a little bit wealthier than was the case before you sat down and started to play.

Bonus Payouts

Two very special bonuses are integrated into the slot and both greatly add to the excitement and unpredictable nature of it. The one bonus game entails being offered a pick of any one of three fortunes presented to them. What is the prize amount of these bonuses? You’ll only know the one that you select, but the chances are you will be very happy with the amount.

Consider the total a found prize.

And then there is the second bonus and its a real innovative one. When this bonus pops up, you pick the winner of a poker game between four of the characters. Your winnings are based on how successful your selected character is going to be in the poker game.


The Tycoon Slot Machine is really a lot of fun to play and the bonuses and jackpot contribute to the potential to win big with it. Win or lose, you’ll definitely enjoy playing the slot. The theme is a proverbial hoot and the experience should leave you feeling a little richer inside.

Tycoons Slot
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