[miau]When you sit down to play TT World Football Stars 2014, you get to enjoy your casino gaming with the best footballers in the world. This is a game that sits in the market place without any competition. It is the one game that allows you to involve your favorite athletes in your gaming time. You will see the faces of the best footballers in the world from the EPL to La Liga and Ligue 1. Also, you will be able to play games that offer you may chances to win based on the various combinations you can hit. I, for one, enjoyed seeing Leo Messi’s face pop up when I was winning.

tt_world_football_stars_2014_slot_machineThe Football Aspect

When you are playing TT World Football Stars 2014, you will have a football aspect in the gameplay. You will have players from the same team or different teams, and there will be red cards, yellow cards and offsides calls. You will be in the middle of a soccer match that you can win real money playing.

The Spins

When you are playing the mixed pay version of the game, you can find people from the same team on your reel every spin. However, the players from the teams will change over and over. The players will change so much that you will never get bored with the combinations. Plus, you will see players that you might not recognize. You have to have an intimate knowledge of your favorite team if you want to get immersed in the game.

The free spins come from the free spin flags appearing on the first and fifth reel. This will help you extend your game much farther than it has already gone, and you can save your game if you are running out of spins.

The pass the ball bonus is going to come up with you have the ball on the 2nd or 4th reel near a player. The players are passing the ball to allow you to win three times your current bet. You are in complete control of the game because you can bet the winnings you already have on future spins. This will change the way you play the game, but this will also change the way you wager for real winnings. You can strategically win a large amount of money if you have planned properly to bet each spin.

If you want even easier winnings, you can guess if the next card is going to be red or black. If you guess correctly, you will double your winnings on that spin. This game will payout a large amount of money to you if you have planned your betting the right way ahead of time.

Each and every spin in TT World Football Stars brings you closer to David Beckham and Kaka, and you will be able to make more money because of the many betting options. This is not your traditional slot machine. It is an adventure in the world of football.

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