[mrgreen]There is just something about Miss Lara Croft that compels us to watch her in action on each and every movie or video game that she is part of. It is just so hard for any man or woman to resist watching a strong willed woman who can kick behind and look as good as she does while doing it. This draw to the famous character is what had me very interested in trying out the Tomb Raider 2 Secrets of The Sword slot machine game.
tomb_raider_2_slot_machineThe aesthetics of a new game are just one of the many deciding factors that play a role in me parting with my hard earned cash. Bonuses are another option that I seek out when I look for a place to bet money in a slot machine. When I found the slot game Tomb Raider 2 the bonuses were there along with all of the great visual aspects that I had been hoping for. To my amazement this slot machine gave me the option of betting up to 30 full lines. The number of lines bet will increase my odds in winning and that gave this game an added plus in my book. The cost of playing the game can be as low as you wish but the max for it can get to be pretty pricey and the lower you bet the lower your chances of winning the big jackpot gets. So the money factor was one factor that I did not enjoy but it did not stop me from enjoying this game. As I said the bonus features of this game are one of the reasons why I played it for as long as I did. One bonus comes when one spins the star player Miss Laura Croft which means you have hit the wild card which multiplies the winnings for that spin. The biggest hope for the bonus is one is lucky enough to spin the times 5 multiplier as this could add up to some big cash. Ease of function and actual mechanics of the slot game are other options I look for when deciding which slot to play that day. The Tomb Raider 2 Secrets of The Sword slot machine game has all of the easy to find buttons on the screen that I always look for in the online gaming world. The information button, or INFO button, is easily found at the bottom of the screen as well as the betting buttons, auto play option and my favorite button which is the spin button.
After playing the Tomb Raider 2 Secrets of The Sword slot machine game for a while I have determined that it is a keeper in my book of online slot machine playing. It may have a drawback or two but the perks of bonuses, ease of function, and the overall characters displayed during the spins will keep me entertained for long hours of slot machine fun.

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