Did you ever watch the cartoon show Tom and Jerry? Well it happens to be a great comedy cartoon about a cat and a mouse? Tom as the cat and Jerry as the mouse, anyway in the cartoon Jerry always gets the best of Tom, but never the less Tom keeps coming back for more and never gives up. Jerry is a slick little mouse, and every time Tom tries to catch Jerry, for some reason or another he always gets away unharmed.

We have an awesome game you must try called Tom and Jerry Spin Puzzle, it’s even actually free to play on line at Critic .net. The game is very challenging and exciting forall ages, yes that’s including adults. Have you ever sat down with someone and play a memory board game? If so you will absolutely positively enjoy playing this game on line, it is so much different and extremely more challenging, and there is no possible way to sneak a peek and cheat at this game.

There are several games to choose from, such as Tom and Jerry in another of their conflicts, The Tom cat capture Jerry the mouse, Tom and Jerry in the snow with skis, Tom and Jerry on the golf course, Tom and Jerry, Tom the Cat surprised Jerry the mouse to taking a piece of cheese, Jerry gives a kick in the rear of Tom, Tom dressed as a cave man with a club to crush Jerry, Jerry to break a vase over the head of Tom, Tom tried to catch the mouse Jerry, Jerry eats Tom’s picnic, Tom and Jerry on the Beach, Jerry eating a delicious piece on cheese, Tom the cat attempts to capture Jerry the mouse, and Tom and Jerry are the main protagonists of funny adventures. The puzzles are all based on the Tom and Jerry’s cartoon so whichever one you choose you will be sure to enjoy it.

How you play the game, first off you start with seeing the picture of what the puzzle is to look like, but only for a slit second. Then all the puzzle pieces get all mixed up, challenging you to put them back together in 2.60 minutes, so be quick before the clock runs out. Here is how you put the puzzle back together you need to swap the puzzle pieces positions, by clicking on a puzzle piece and then clicking on another puzzle piece that you want to swap with, it will then automatically switch places. The puzzle pieces are a gray like color but if you get the puzzle piece correct it will light up in color. You also better watch out for that unexpected time to run out, it may be quicker than you anticipated or expected, while you are mind is concentrating on the playing Tom and Jerry spin puzzle game. Which in turn creates you to have more of an urge to play again and again to complete or accomplish it to move to the next level. Each time you don’t win that desire gets even stronger.

Every single time you get a puzzle piece correct you receive several points, and if you manage to get the puzzle together you will receive approximately 2100 points when completing and accomplishing the first level. The more you play the higher your points will become, each time giving you an outstanding score. You may even become inspired and want to exceed or excel past your last score. Share the game and challenge one of your closest friends, to see if they can score as high as you. If you keep playing eventually your mind will start to remember where all the puzzle pieces go and you will become a fantastic and extraordinary player.

There are studies out in the medical field that state that memory games are good and stimulating for the mind. The professionals out there would have to agree, that it is always good to expand your mind with challenges, so you can exercise your mind to its limit. Essentially on a daily basis there are some specialist that actually even work with memory games, to help Alzheimer’s patients stay in reality and work on their focus skills. So keep in mind that Tom and Jerry spin puzzle game, is not just any old game it is able to help those that might be losing some of their memory. The game also is considered to be very educational and enlightening as it can expand those young minds. They may not remember a lot of things but they will remember this game and its challenges it can bring. The more you play the quicker, faster and more accurate you become and also have a better chance of completing the puzzle.

Each time you complete a puzzle you gracefully move up to a higher level and are now able to earn a higher level of points. The higher you go the more difficult the puzzles can become, but the ultimate challenge is worth the extra points you receive. As an example the first Level puzzle, is where Tom is stealing a pie and it already being in his mouth when Jerry shows up to hit him over the head with a hammer. The second level has Jerry stealing an olive out of Tom’s sandwich and Tom catching Jerry in the act. We have it set so you can keep on playing until you reach the highest level possible. Every time you complete a level you will receive another fabulous challenging puzzle picture scene of Tom and Jerry’s slapstick comedy cartoons.

The Tom and Jerry spin puzzle game has several levels for you to complete, as an extraordinary challenge for you. With each game having their own individual scene that go along with the comedy cartoon episodes. With them all having their own astonishing challenges for you to thoroughly complete the Tom and Jerry spin puzzle game. We recommend that you take a look at this challenging game and are sure that you will enjoy it.


Tom and Jerry Puzzle Game
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