[miau] The Pig Wizard is from the same company that brought the slot machine world Harry Trotter. More than likely, the Harry Potter people put a stop to Harry Trotter and now we have the Pig Wizard. The first thing you notice about this slot machine is that it takes a long time to load because it is a graphics and sound intensive slot machine. That could be good or bad, depending on what kind of game play you were looking for.

the_pig_wizard_slot_machineThe Plot

It really is not hard to see why the Harry Potter people are not happy with the developes who make the Harry Trotter and Pig Wizard slot machines. The Pig Wizard has a very Harry Potter-esque feel to it that will appeal to fans of the Harry Potter stories. There is not much of a plot to the Pig Wizard, but there is always plenty going on. Most of the action is random, but it can be extremely exciting.

Sound And Graphics

The sound effects and the background music from the Pig Wizard were pretty much pulled right off a Harry Potter movie soundtrack. There is also a nice mix of Disney type fairy tale sounds mixed into this game that really make it fun to listen to. When you hit a bonus or big paying spin, you almost want to get out of your chair and dance to the music.

The graphics in Pig Wizard are very crisp and very dark. You definitely get the feeling that you are in a large hall and that you are surrounded by magic. The icons sometimes look a little out of place, such as the pile of cash icon that appears in the middle of a bunch of magic wand icons, but this game is fun to look at. When you finally meet the Pig Wizard himself, you will be impressed at the design work.

Winning And Bonuses

The Pig Wizard is a five-reel game with 20 pay lines. It does have a progressive jackpot and a huge array of winning options. The one difference between the Pig Wizard and most other slot machines is that you must bet along all 20 pay lines with each spin. But the payouts when you do win can be pretty impressive, so it may be worth it to consider putting in a maximum bet along all 20 pay lines, just to see what happens.

The Bottom Line

The Pig Wizard is an upgrade from Harry Trotter in several ways, but the most significant upgrade comes in the amount of ways you can win. The Pig Wizard himself is a jackpot and wild symbol, so it may take some time to get used to seeing those two symbols without getting confused. But when you have the game figured out, it is definitely worth a couple of spins.

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