[miau] A clever online slot machine can be a lot of fun to play, especially when you don’t really know quite what to expect. The Codfather is a play on the movie the Godfather, but it is an extremely clever use of images and music that will make you smile when the game starts and really smile when you start winning.

the_codfather_slot_machineThe Plot

The Codfather is a fish with an offer you just cannot refuse. The game takes place under the sea where you and the Codfather are both sleeping with the fishes. You and your fish associates are there to try and win some money and have some fun. There is no real story line to this game, but there is plenty of good reasons to enjoy playing it.

Sound And Graphics

The sound is a cross between the underwater scenes in Jaws and the Godfather accordion music. The music you hear when you are spinning the reels appears to be generic filler music, but when you hit on a bonus or jackpot everything changes. You are instantly given a triumphant Godfather greeting and the Codfather himself makes you an offer you just cannot refuse.

The graphics include icons such as the heads of sea horses, fish mobsters and the Codfather himself. The Codfather starts out as a wild icon, but he comes into play in several ways later in the game. The background does give this game a very distinct underwater feel and the rest of the icons are filled out with letters and numbers.

Winning And Bonuses

The Codfather is a five-reel game with 25 pay lines. You can collect scatter symbols until your payout equals 100 times, but that can take a few spins. Still, the potential to win a lot of money with the Codfather is there, especially if you get the animated Codfather icon as a wild on reels two, three or four.

The Codfather has a wide variety of free spin options and no mobster slot machine would be complete without the chance to gamble a big part of your winnings on making even more money. There are a lot of worm on hooks icons in the game that indicate that you are fishing for the Codfather, but the game doesn’t really play like that. In the end, the point is to try and get as many Codfathers in a row as you can and take your shot at making some pretty good money.

The Bottom Line

The Codfather Slot machine is fun and creative. Even after the initial novelty of the play on the Godfather theme starts to wear off, you are still left with a slot machine that pays in a lot of different ways and gives you a chance at bringing home the really big fish with each spin.

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