[miau] Once I saw the name of this slot game,The 100,000 Pyramid Slot machine game,it took my memory back years and I just had to give it a try. It took me a long while to actually find a site that would allow me to play the game in my own country and even when I did it was only for freeplay and not one that I could actually use money on so that was a real drawback from the start. Once the game finally loaded I got excited as it did look a bit like the old television show that I once enjoyed. The music that played out during the game was great in the beginning, but I found after I played for a little while I had to mute the sound as it did become a bit annoying. Even with the annoying noises it did not detour me from playing as the pictures kept drawing me back in to my memory of the old show. With one spin I saw what would have been the prizes offered up on the television show. These spins included pictures of everything from cars to sunglasses and they even have a cute picture of shadow contestants in it.

the_100000_pyramid_slot_machineGame play, betting, and even betting options were a bit confusing in this game at first but I figured it out in no time at all. Apparently the ultimate goal of spinning the wheel is to hit the 100,000 multiplier and the more lines that you bet on the chances of hitting that fabulous multiplier is increased. I bet the max allowed by the site that I went to and this gave me a chance of winning on 15 lines. While the game does offer an auto spin option I enjoy clicking the spin button just so that it feels more real to me in the online gaming world. Wins are displayed boldly at the bottom of the gaming screen, so finding things are very simple on the game. Those wins do happen often while betting the max allowed and that is an absolute plus in my book when it comes to slot machine play.

Much to my enjoyment and new found addiction I found that the game has bonus rounds just like the show did. The bonus rounds offer players everything from free spins to big payouts. I unfortunately did not have luck on my side while I played so I did not really get to enjoy those bonus rounds but the hopes for it keep me coming back to play. Even though I could not wager real money to play this jazzy slot game it is one that I will keep in my favorites to enjoy when money is not the ultimate goal.

The 100,000 Pyramid Slot
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