For over 30 years, Tetris has become a favorite game for many people across the world. While it originated in Russia, its name comes from the Greek word “tetra,” which means “four.” Tetris gained its name from its block groups. Each group contains four separate blocks to make a different shape. The addictive puzzle game provides excellent mental stimulation. Anyone can play Tetris online for free without any download required at Critic.net. The site is mostly dedicated to slot games and variations of them. However, there are several arcade favorites as well. The blog features helpful unbiased reviews of popular online casinos from all types of online gambling enthusiasts.

How To Play Tetris

Tetris involves several groups of bright-colored blocks falling at the top of the screen. One group of blocks falls at a time, and users must manipulate the the block groups as they are falling to fill as much empty space as possible. The object of the game is to fit all of the pieces together in a way that does not leave any gaps. Block groups must be manipulated to the desired position before they hit the bottom of the screen or the last row of block groups. Although it is easier to navigate at the beginning of the game because of more space between the bottom and top, it becomes more difficult as the screen fills with block groups and results in less time to move them.

When manipulating the block groups, players should aim to make one group of blocks fall on another group of blocks of the same color when spaces will not be left by doing so. This results in a line clear, and there are several types of line clears. If the stack includes more than one vertical or horizontal match, the matched block groups will disappear and raise the score.

Critic.net Tetris Interface

The Critic.net Tetris game is simple for beginners and advanced enthusiasts to use. Simply use the up, down, left and right keyboard arrows to move and manipulate the Tetris blocks as they fall from the top of the screen. A score counter and line counter are located to the right of the Tetris game board on the screen. Players can choose from levels between one and 10.

With lower levels, matching is easier to achieve. In addition to this, the pieces fall slower from the top of the screen. This allows more time to manipulate them. At the top level, the pieces fall quickly and require adept movement of the keyboard arrows. When a game ends, it is possible to choose another level. However, some players may have to refresh the screen to choose another level or start over depending on the browser used and any added browser plugins. Since it takes a while to work up to the top level, beginners should be patient with themselves.

Critic.net Tetris Ease Of Access

This game’s biggest benefit besides its simple interface is how easy it is to play. With no download required, players can simply bookmark the page to come back and play any time they wish. There are also other popular arcade games, which appear as suggestions below the Tetris game screen. Use the navigation buttons on the top of the page to find other arcade games, casino games and online casino reviews. This Tetris game is also easy to embed into a WordPress site. It makes a fun and easy addition to attract more site visitors. Tetris becomes a quick and long-time favorite for most people who enjoy free online games and arcade games.

Tetris – Game
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