Superman Metropolis Defender is an exciting and fun flash game that allows you to become the Man of Steel and protect Metropolis from a meteor shower. Featuring easy-to-learn controls and an intuitive game play, any player can get into the game quickly and enjoy a break from the ordinary by using Superman to save his home city.

The game incorporates the design sensibilities of the DC animated universe Superman, who has appeared in several cartoons since the mid-1990s. However, the game does not copy that look slavishly. The character is instantly recognizable as Superman in his traditional costume and not the current comic book look that has appeared since DC Comics’ reboot of its characters under the New 52 banner. The backgrounds, consisting largely of buildings from the Metropolis skyline, reflect the typical depiction of the city as an ultra-modern population center. Additionally, the game animation includes both normal and kryptonite meteors that are continually falling from the sky and threatening to destroy metropolis. Kryptonite, of course, is the traditional element that harms Superman, and it appears here in an easily recognizable, glowing green form. Normal meteors, which will not harm Superman if he touches them, are a light beige.

Gameplay consists mostly of directing a flying Superman to destroy the falling meteors. Superman flies with his left arm extended and his left fist clenched as if he is going to punch something. Whenever Superman’s fist or body comes into contact with a meteor, it is destroyed. The game also allows players to use one of the hero’s most well-known powers that is not related to his super strength: his heat vision. The range of the heat vision is short, only extending about an inch or so once it is activated, and if it hits a meteor before Superman’s fist or body can, the meteor is destroyed.

The basic goal is to destroy a certain number of meteors so that you can advance to the next level. Meteors are falling throughout the city, and it is Superman’s job to get them before they hit the ground. Every time Superman misses a meteor and it hits the ground, damage to the city is indicated on the danger bar located in the upper left hand corner of the screen. When the bar is filled after twelve meteors have hit the ground, the game is over.

There is also a smaller, inset map of the entire city that is located toward the upper right portion of the screen. This map tells you where the meteors are located, and it is a great aid for getting Superman to the meteors that are closest to hitting the ground and destroying them before they can damage Metropolis. Using the directional arrows on the computer’s keyboard, you can direct Superman up, down, left and right in order to reach the meteors before they impact the city. Press the shift key to speed Superman up. This is a handy move to reach certain meteors at just the right time. Press the space bar to have Superman emit his powerful heat vision.

Destroy the prescribed number of meteors for the level you are playing, and you will advance to the next one. As the levels progress, the number of meteors and the rate at which they fall will increase, making each level progressively more challenging. As if that were not enough, the falling kryptonite will hurt Superman if he comes into contact with it. There are two ways to avoid the kryptonite: use the directional controls to fly around it, or destroy it with Superman’s heat vision. The latter option is preferable, for the kryptonite meteors also damage Metropolis if they hit the ground. If Superman comes into contact with too many kryptonite meteors and his energy bar in the upper left hand corner of the screen is depleted, the game is over.

The more meteors that Superman destroys, the higher your score. All in all, this is a great game and an especially good choice for superhero fans.

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