When you combine candy with slot action you will certainly have a hit game. Who doesn’t like slot games? Who doesn’t like candy? When you combine delicious candy, a rainbow of colors, and tasty sound effects, you are bound to get an amazing sugar rush from Sugar Pop slots game. This sugary slot game, created by Betsoft in November 2013, Sugar Pop slots is quite different from your average slot game in more ways than one. Sugar Pop slots has an added social factor with the game. Unlike other slot games I have played, slot gamers can connect the game with Facebook or Google+ to play with friends. I think this is super sweet, but unfortunately I don’t have any friends who play Sugar Pop slots, yet (I guess I should invite some). The vivid colors are so captivating and attention grabbing it definitely will keep you playing this game for long periods of time. I can almost guarantee hours will have passed you by before you even realize it. I will warn you, Sugar Pop is not like most of the other slot games. A vast majority of slot games I have played follow a more traditional reel spinning and matching up of things. Sugar Pop slots have 5 lines and 5 reels with more of a tumbling or falling action. When you spin, you match the candies. At first it seem pointless and I couldn’t figure out how I was winning (not that I’m complaining about wining). It appeared that any candies, three or more, which are alike and touching also leads to more points and possible bonuses. The possible bonuses include a candy bomb. Candy bombs would appear after matching five or more candies. If the candy bomb makes a combination, all the candy in the reel that is the same color as the bomb explodes. When I looked over to the left of the reel, I noticed that there was a bonus spin sequence and if your spin had that same sequence line up featured, then you would win more.

Another pretty cool difference worth noting with Sugar Pop slots is, unlike most slot games, this one has levels. I heard there are twenty sugary candy filled levels to be exact. I haven’t made it to level twenty as of yet so I have absolutely no idea what surprises await. You have to get a certain amount of points to fill up the blue liquid tube to the right of the reel before you can level up. Leveling up is really awesome! When you move up a level you ride this colorful candy rainbow through the fluffy clouds and on to the next candy slot level.

At some of the levels that you reach have new pieces of candy unlocked. These new candies also happen to be delicious bonuses. These bonuses are, in my opinion, the very best part of the slot game. Each new piece of super yummy candy has “special powers” that are shown once they tumble down into the reel. For example, if a lollipop falls down into the reel, it grows bigger and starts to spin while mixing up all the candy behind it. The lollipop bonus is the first available bonus, and my absolute favorite so far. It is available at level one. The hypnotic and mesmerizing spinning of the red, yellow, and blue lollipop bonus could be the reason I easily got stuck in a trans playing this particular slot game. The next candy bonuses a caramel chew. The caramel chew is available at level two. It will chew up other candies at random, replacing them with new candies. The white chocolate makes its appearance at level 4. The smooth white chocolate shoots out almonds which randomly break other regular candies. There are other candies on future levels that also do special tricks when they fall into the reel. The other special candies will include a gum drop, jawbreaker, candy cane, jelly beans, chocolates, and cotton candy.

If you are looking to win big money, Sugar Pop slots may not be for you. I think this particular game focuses more on entertainment and the added social factor, rather than striking rich. Although it seemed as if I was constantly winning, I found that winnings did not amount to very large winnings. The bet you wish to place is adjustable. The minimum bet is 50 coins, while the maximum bet is 250 coins. It can be extremely hard to stack up the coins when you are only betting the minimal bet. So don’t be afraid to raise that bet up a little. The game does offer an incentive for those who dare to bet the maximum. Every time you bet the maximum bet of 250 coins, when a red candy falls into your reel you receive a special bonus. If you are not afraid to bet, you are sure to rack up the stacks in no time.

Overall, I would say that my experience playing Sugar Pop slots was an enjoyable one. Once I got past the mindless reel spinning and started to understand my winnings and various bonuses, I had great joy in watching those candies fall and racking up points and coins. I do think that if the game was not so colorful and bright, I would not have stuck around past a couple of spins to figure out how to play. Sugar Pop slots reminds me of my beloved Candy Crush game that I play constantly. It is possible that this game is so likable because of its resemblance to Candy Crush, which is a very popular and addictive game. Basically, if you like candy and slots, then you will like Sugar Pop slots.

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