[miau] It is not common at all to find a slot game that has a steampunk theme, regardless of how popular steampunk may be these days. However, Steam Punk heroes captures the essence of the genre, combining the elegance of the Victorian era with sci-fi steam-powered technology. The game does have very pretty graphics that show the Industrial revolution-styled technology and post-apocalyptic “alternative future” theme that the steampunk genre follows, they are somewhat lacking insomuch as they do not utilize enough of the Victorian-style elegance that fans of the steampunk genre are familiar with. However, that can be overlooked, as the music and sound effects fit the game’s theme very well and the graphic designer was extremely skilled.

steam_punk_heroes_slot_machineIt is a five-reel game with twenty-five lines, which means the player can decide what lines they want to bet on any time they spin. As a player increases their bets, they are able to increase their winnings, as the number of lines they are betting on also increases. While this is not an uncommon mechanic for any five-reel slot machine, it works very well with this one, as such a feature fits with the overall theme of the game.

Something rather odd about the game is that the player does not use credits to play, nor do they win credits. Instead, when they play, their credits are converted into a different currency, called “coins.” These coins are what the player has to bet with. Every time they win, the winnings are awarded in coins as well, which does make the game a bit confusing, especially since it is not always easy to do coin-to-credit calculations in one’s head when trying to determine how much has been won. Also, when a player decides to cash out, they have to convert their coins into credits. This feature was meant to add to the game’s overall atmosphere, but it does not. Currency conversion is completely unnecessary in any online slot game, as it adds a very confusing and strange element to the game, as players are accustomed to playing with just credits- not converting their currency.

The bonus feature is triggered by getting three or more Scatter symbols on the reels. The bonus is quite a bit of fun to play, as there are two parts to it. In the first part, the player has to pull the red lever, which causes two symbols encased by gears to turn. Once these symbols have stopped turning, the player is shown how many free spins they have been awarded with, along with the multiplier they have won. The bonus feature can be re-triggered while playing the free spins, if three or more Scatter symbols show up on any of the reels.

While Steam Punk Heroes does have a few elements that are confusing and completely unnecessary, which only serve to confound the player, it is a complex and very fun game. Anyone who is a fan of sci-fi or fantasy will doubtlessly enjoy this game a great deal.

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