[miau] “Star Trek” might seem to be an unlikely subject to use as a theme for a slot game, but that line of machines has been wildly popular in casinos around the world. Part of it is that it’s a familiar brand with really iconic characters. It also helps that the machines themselves are well-designed games that use unique audio cues and vibrating seats to amp up the action as you play.

star_trek_episode_1_slot_machineWhile the online versions of the various “Star Trek” slots can quite match the excitement of the physical machines, they are still quite exciting. The best known might be the WMS line of games, starting off with “Star Trek: Episode 1.”

“Star Trek: Episode 1” has a lot of the trappings of a typical online slot game, all wrapped up in a cool nerd-friendly “Star Trek” theme. Even better, the game (which is also known as “Red Alert”) includes some bonus features that tie in very nicely to the “Star Trek” universe.

Some of the custom symbols in the game include portraits of some of the series stars, along with several notable guest stars. There are also some “Star Trek” specific line symbols, such as a phaser, tricorder and communicator.

Players start each game with five shields and each spin you don’t win removes one of the shields. If you get three or more of the shield line symbols during a spin, it will reset the shield number to five. Once the five shields are gone, players have to choose one of two options. If they pick the “Spin Until You Win” communications channel, the reel will continue to spin until you win. Pick the “Shields to Full” channel and the five shields are brought back and the player can start at the beginning.

The games also has some fun, very unique chances to change your luck. During the “Enterprise Flyby,” an image of the iconic ship flies across the screen, changing the reel symbols to something a bit more helpful. If you get the “Spock Multiplier,” a picture of Spock will pop up and multiply your winnings from 3 to 5 times. The one that’s the most fun might be “Scotty’s Wild Ride,” in which an image of the ship’s engineer shows up and creates a line or two of Scotty wildcard images.

The game is just a blast to play and if you collect enough bonus coins, you’ll be able to unlock other “Star Trek” games. It’s a great game of you’re not a fan of the show. But if you’re a Trekkie, this will be the perfect game for you.

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