[miau] The most popular of all the Marvel superhero characters is Spider-Man. Since the inception of the character in the early 1960’s, quite a lot of merchandise has been tied to the character. The arrival of the online Spider-Man Slot machine should come as no surprise. A decent segment of the people who love slots probably have some love for Spider-Man.

spider-man_slot_machinePlayTech is the company that brought the game forth and the designers have surely done a good job with it. PlayTech has also released other slot machines bearing the merry Marvel name.

The classic images of Spider-Man and his cast of characters adorn this slot machine. Again, fans of the hero are going to love to see these characters. Players are also going to want to experience certain features from their game session as well. Do not fear. All the top traits you should expect from a solid game are present.

For one, there are five reels and 25 playlines. That affords you a lot of chances to come up with winning combinations and free spins.

The awards on the games are about as generous as can be. The low end of a wager is $/£0.01 and the wager can go as high as $/£125 per each and every spin. A 5,000 multiple can be the top award. With a 5,000 multiple, you could walk away from the Spider-Man game with more wealth than if the Green Goblin or Dr. Octopus would have if they robbed Fort Knox.

The game is also a generous with free spins and bonus plays. With the right “mask” combination, you could end up with seven free spins. Obviously, the more chances you have to play then the more chances are that you can win. With free spins, you are afforded the opportunity to win without putting any of your money up. Consider that a major benefit.

Winning huge also revolves around being able to hit a big jackpot. The legendary progressive Marvel jackpot is in play with the Spider-Man slot machine. Not only do you have access to the progressive jackpot, there are jackpots exclusive to this game. Those whose lucky combination comes up could end up being huge winners.

A lot of creativity went into crafting the Spider-Man slot machine. Fans of Marvel Comics, the Spider-Man movies, pop culture, and slot machine gaming definitely will find this game a lot of fun to play.

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