[miau] You do not need to be a fan of Monty Python to enjoy the Spamalot video slot machine, but it would be easier to understand the terminology of the game if you did follow Monty Python. For example, the fact that the Knights Who Say Ni require a shrubbery for you to complete one of the bonus levels will be like a foreign language to you if you are not at least familiar with Monty Python.

spamalot_slot_machineThe Plot

The plot of the Spamalot Slot machine follows the plot of the movie on which it was based – Monty Python and the Holy Grail. You are King Arthur who is out with his knights on a quest to find the Holy Grail. Along the way, there are several challenges you must face which include defeating a killer rabbit, supplying the Knights Who Say Ni with shrubbery, storming the castle defended by the French and crossing the bridge protected by the Black Knight.

If there is one thing that can be said about the Spamalot slot machine, it is that the game never gets boring. There is always something going on and you should also keep an eye out for little side bits like the Holy Hand Grenade.

Sound And Graphics

Monty Python fans will instantly recognize the sound and graphics in this game, and people who are not familiar with Python’s work will just find this game hilarious to watch. The animation is all done in typical Monty Python fashion and every detail is accounted for, including the badly animated knights as they approach the killer bunny.

The sound effects are also typical Python and, in some spots, are perfectly timed. The sound of a person giving the raspberry as you spin the reels makes the whole game worthwhile.

Winning And Bonuses

Spamalot has five reels and 20 win lines, so there are a lot of ways to win on this game. Each quest has its own rewards and finding the Holy Grail gives you a huge jackpot potential. The payout on the jackpot is a progressive and it can make those five Holy Grails worth a great deal of money.

The base jackpot for Spamalot starts at $500,000 and works its way up from there. The combinations that offer free spins are too numerous to mention here and there are plenty of little ways to win as you work your way up to the big jackpot payout.

The Bottom Line

The designers of Spamalot knew that Monty Python fans would love the game, but they did not sit back and rely on the movie and stage production’s popularity to sustain the game. This is a good slot machine that offers a lot of ways to win and also gives players plenty of different ways to get free spins that could lead to a shot at the Holy Grail.

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