[mrgreen] Do you have a sweet tooth? A hunger pain to spend some time on a new online slot machine? Look no further! So Much Candy is a new free online slot from the creators at Microgaming. They did not miss on this one! Any slot fan is sure to be entertained by the multitude of ways to score large on this new game.

so_much_candy_slot_machineThe game offers a total of 5 reels to watch spin at once. As you watch the spin and wait for your outcome you will notice that the makers of this slot have a way to keep your interest! The music is fast paced and energetic; and the graphics are bright, bold, and charismatic. There are different candy graphics that all represent different attributes to the game. This makes learning the game and making your own strategy quite simple and fun.

Some nice details to note about So Much Candy is the ease of earning a bonus or a free spin. Each candy symbol provided in the game is worth a different amount of bonus spins when you earn three candies/select combos in a row. No one wants all the great surprises ruined so the candy and its correlating bonus spin amount we wont give away! That makes it all the more sweet!

To up your excitement there is a gumball machine logo which represents a scatter. As you are getting lucky with this slot the gumball machine makes the outcome all that more wild and unexpected! The game also has a featured symbol which is the game logo itself. This acts as a free space or a bonus to a combo. You never know when these will appear and the So Much Candy logo makes your winning strategy all that more satisfying!

Between the bonus, scatter symbol, and so many way to win you should never get bored of this game!It is easy enough for the novice game player to pick up in no time; but has enough action to keep a seasoned slot veteran interested. This is a game that is definitely worth a try. The payouts come often and they are plentiful! Having 25 pay lines should have you very intent on spinning over and over again; but if that does not do it for you the over 300k coin jackpot will have you playing for hours on end! The bottom line is – give So Much Candy a spin or two! You will not be sorry that you did!

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