[miau] Sherlock Holmes fans are fanatical about their favorite character. They love the story, and they love everything that goes along with it. It turns out that there is even a slot machine that has been created around this great story. Sherlock Mystery Slot is a game that is based around the whole story.

sherlock_mystery_slot_machineThere are great graphics in this game. It is one of the most important parts of the game that it has been incorporated into every aspect of the game. Players will instantly realize that they are going to sit down and enjoy this game if they are a big fan of Sherlock Holmes.

There are 20 paylines available in this game as well as five reels. This makes for several possible winning combinations. Players do not have to rely on just one way to bring home the loot in this one. They can actually find a number of different ways that they might be able to win some money.

Symbols which provide for less value are things like 9,10,J,Q,and K. The theme specific symbols are the ones that pay off in larger amounts when there are found in winning combinations. Obviously, players want to see larger wins, so they are sure to be looking for those theme specific symbols. The larger the return the better.

There are three different types of bonus features that one may trigger. They are free spins, crime scene bonus, and Sherlock meets Watson. Each of these features has its benefits, and each player is going to judge for themselves which of the features they actually like the most.

Free spins are exactly what they sound like. They are literally free spins awarded in the game. The crime scene bonus is a mini game that has to do with magnifying symbols. A crime scene is revealed and the player must decide which pieces of evidence they are going to uncover. Each piece that they uncover has a certain value. Those values could be really high, but it all depends upon how the player plays the game.

Anytime you are able to land Watson next to Sherlock in the game, you can gain 3 times your bet on that spin. This bonus seems to occur quite frequently and is a great way for the casual player to earn a nice return on the spins. It is important to remember this because there could be longer periods of time before the other bonuses come about. However, it is important as well to remember that as long as this bonus continues to come regularly, then one should be able to see a nice return on their spins.

Sherlock Mystery Slot
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