[miau] There is nothing like having the ability to play slots online. The Shaaark Super Bet Slot machine is one of those slots that allows potential players to not only play slot machines for fun, they allow players to win money online. The Shaaark Super bet is a 25 line, 5-reel video slot machine game that allows players to create winning combinations through five different spinning reels. Every coin that is added to the slot will enable a completely different payline. Whenever the reel stops, the computer checks the combinations of symbols as well as the paylines that are enabled.

shaaark_super_bet_slot_machineThis online video slot machine was built with a shark theme in mind. Whenever players engage in regular play, the overall goal is to achieve a winning combination. This combination of symbols can be on any selectable line.

When it comes to features the Shaark Super Bet slot machine offers a plethora of options. From the scatter symbols, to the Super Bet Feature, and the free spin Bonus Round. The Free Spin Bonus Round game offers 2x time’s multiplier values for every single winning combinations.

The great thing about the Shaark Super Bet multiline slot machine is that it gives players the ability to play for free or for money. Being able to play for free allows players to test out the software before investing any money. Players who choose to invest cash, can invest up to 6 euros per pay line bet. The minimum bet is 0.01 which is fairly unique when compared to other online slot machines.

Like many other online slots, the Shaaark Super Bet offers a free bonus feature that allows players to win extra spins. When players get three shark fin scatter symbols on any five reels, the free spin bonus round will activate. When this feature is active, players will get 10 free spins, and all winning combinations are doubled whenever they are triggered during the free spin mode.

It is important to understand that the Shaark Super Bet has a theoretical average return to player that is around 95%. Players can coincide wins on different paylines, and payouts are made according to paytables. When it comes to playing this online slot machine, players must play 25 lines plus 5x their current bet.

Even though it’s not imperative that players actually invest any money to enjoy the features of Shaaark Super Bet, adding money will take your gaming experience to a totally different height, as well as your payouts.

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