[miau] The Rome and Egypt slot machine game, is based on the locations Rome as well as Egypt. The theme of the game is based around the locations as well, and you’ll see Cleopatra, as a symbol, and she is also a wild. Caesar is also a wild, and a symbol in the game. Many other symbols in the game include the Stadium in Rome, a staff, fruit, the pyramids, a Pharaohs head cover, as well as the statue. Each symbol has a different win amount, depending on the combination that you get them in.

The wilds are both Caesar and Cleopatra, and you can get them as a single wild, or both of them together. Both wilds, individually, will pay $5, but if you get a combination of the two, you can get $2.50. The win amount for these wilds, is based on your current bet, and the $5 amount, is if you bet as little as $.01. You can go as high as you want on your bets, from $. 01 all the way up to $5. The higher the bet amount, the bigger you can expect to win, especially if you bet the Max, which is five dollars.

This is a five-reel, 40 pay line game, giving you many different combinations to win with. If you happen to get two or more of the Caesar or Cleopatra Wilds, that are consecutive and scattered, it triggers a bonus game. The bonus game will give you a minimum of five free spins, you can also get wilds, and win even more during the bonus game. The wilds are also multiplied times two during the bonus play. You can look forward to up to 50 free spins, and a bid of just one dollar, can easily win you $240.

You can sit and watch while each free spin is played, one after the other, and you can win money on every single spin. 50 is an incredible amount of free spins, giving you a great chance of winning some real money in this game. It doesn’t stop there, the free spins, can also re-trigger more bonus games, and add even more free spins. If you play your cards right, you could literally be going for a very long period of time, on only free spins, in the bonus games.

This is a truly fun game to play if you really want to win. A single player put a one dollar bet on 40 lines, and after a few spins, the player was able to win 50 free spins. The free spins were re-triggered two times, and after all the spins went through, the winning amount was $4,155! Now if that’s not a reason to play this game, what else is? Rome & Egypt is a very fun game, and even more fun, when you began to win a lot of money.

Rome & Egypt Slot
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