[mrgreen] A lot of slot machine players are disappointed by the way in which the industry has been moving. That is to say that they are upset that the industry has been moving away from some of the classic games that they knew growing up, and moving to more computerized type games. In fact, most of the slot machines anymore would be unrecognizable to the people who were playing some of the simple three real games back in the day. This is because the industry has wanted their machines to entertain people more and keep them playing. However, the old school players are getting left behind in this shift.

retro_reels_diamond_glitz_slot_machineRetro reels diamond glitz is one game that appeals to the players who wish for the days of old because it is more like the older machines. It has intentionally been designed to look more like the old slot machines and less like some of the things that are being wheeled out onto casino floors as of late. This is important because the slot machine designers are hoping to attract a certain type of crowd back to their games. One way to do this is to have games such as the retro reels diamond glitz.

There is a special “re-spin” feature on this game that allows a player to re-spin one of their reels to try to get a winning combination out of it. The player must pay a certain amount in order to get that second chance at the spin, but many are willing to do this if it means that they will get to have a better shot at winning. The amount that they have to spend in order to get that re-spin will vary based on the probability of the player hitting something that will cause them to have a win. The greater the win probability, the greater the cost to re-spin the reel.

Scatter symbols in this game are much sought after. Those who are lucky enough to catch 3 scatter symbols will see that they have gained 10 free spins in the process. Move that up a notch to 4 scatter symbols and we are talking about 15 free spins. Finally, those who manage 5 scatter symbols will be lucky enough to receive 25 free spins on the game. That is huge considering the potential to win on the free spins is heightened.

Many players are praising this game for its simplicity. There is not much to it other than the willingness of the players to put their money in and give it a shot. Virtually anyone can have fun with this game if they are interested in doing so. It is definitely a change of pace to what is generally offered on casino floors these days, but that is exactly what some people like about it. Do not take away their chance to play the games they love.

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