[miau] The Rainbow Riches Slot machines are actually more fun than they first appear to be. They actually can become extremely addictive. While the quality of graphics that are included in this game are not exactly top notch the little sound effect that makes one think of gold and magical beings is a cute addition to it. On my checklist of what I look for in slot machines this little gem includes many of them.
rainbow_riches_slot_machineEase of use is one of those crucial aspects while deciding on a slot machine. The Rainbow Riches slot machine is pretty easy to figure out after one does a bit of searching. The Rainbow Riches slot machine is missing information button. This is usually a deal breaker for me when I search for a new slot to play but for some reason this game kept pulling me back to it. Eventually I took a chance and clicked on the paytable. For most places the paytable means this is where you click to go check your chips out but for this slot machine it is where the good information is stored. So once I found this button I was glad that I stayed with the machine instead of dumping it for another that I probably would not have been as entertained with. In the information that I found it states that one can with the Road to Riches when one hits 3 or more Roads to Riches symbols while spinning. The Wishing Well bonus is won when 3 of those pictures are displayed in the same spin, and the same is for the Pots of Gold pictures. A Wild picture substitutes for all symbols except the Roads to Riches, Pot of Gold, and the Wishing Well. The next screen in the paytable access displays everything the player may want to know about each and every button. I do give credit to the manufacturer of this game for including such detailed information in this game as most do not go this far with it.
Bonuses are another item that many slot machines offer and one that I will look for while choosing one to sink my money in to. As far as bonuses on the Rainbow Riches slot machine go I was not extremely impressed. After spinning with top bet and top lines picked for betting options I did not hit one type of win in over 20 spins. Usually by the time I am out of the money I pop in to a slot I will have one some small incentive to keep putting more in.

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