[miau] Those who are part of the older generation surely remember the Pink Panther films and cartoons. Anyone who has a love for slot machines and an old affinity for the character is going to find the Pink Panther Slot machine to be a lot of fun to play. Of course, most people looking to invest a little time in the slots wants more than just fun. The person probably wants to see a host of winnings for his or her investment.

pink_panther_slot_machineGuess what? Part of the fun of playing the Pink Panther slot machine is taking advantage of the payouts it offers. Sure, you have to get the right combination but that is the nature of all slot play.

What does this particular slot machine have to offer? Let us take a look at some of its traits. PlayTech is the company that has produced this excellent game and it most assuredly does deliver on the high quality that PlayTech has been known to present.

The graphics and images on the slot machine are quite fun. You do get the Pink Panther, as expected, and you also get to see the many characters from the cartoon series. The big-nosed foil whom the Panther always harassed is present. So is the magnifying glass the Inspector always used is.

A lot of these images make playing the slot pleasantly nostalgic. Beyond nostalgia, we are going to look at the actual benefits you get playing the game.

The payline on the game is fairly open. You can wager anywhere from one penny to five bucks per line. Since you can put up to ten coins per line, winning a $2,000 payout on one spin is a possibility.

And who does not like a good jackpot? You have two jackpots you can take a shot out with the Pink Panther game. A fixed $5,000 jackpot is nothing to scoff at and an available progressive jackpot is nothing to scoff at either.

You might even end up winning thanks to a free spin. Whether the possible win is big or small remains to be seen, but the free spin does give you one more chance at walking away a winner.

Wilds play a role in the game too and they might lead you to a nice win. Really, this is a cool slot game and one worth trying out.

So, why not put some coin down and give it a try?

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