Do you have what it takes to discover the secret of the Pharaoh? This is the question posed by one of the newer slot games to hit the market. The Pharaoh King paints an interesting picture for the player. First and foremost it’s a slot game, and a way to earn some money while having a great time. However, at the same time it’s an immersive experience for a new player.

The first thing one will notice on loading up the game is a heavy egyptian theme. Visually, the game presents a rather interesting fusion of different elements. The game itself is framed in the style of a crumbling tomb. It gives the player a feel of an explorer who’s broken into an ancient tomb. And like any good explorer, the player is prepared to find whatever adventure and fortune is laid out in his path. This is best demonstrated by the keys at the top of the screen. Each laid out next to a door which promises mystery and adventure behind it.

And the theme continues when the player looks at the icons. Though the mystery isn’t purely thematic. One of the more unusual choices of the game is how it mixes imagery from ancient egypt with modern day symbols. At first glance, frankly, it can feel like it breaks immersion. One of the main benefits which video slots hold over a traditional slot machine is the fact that it can be themed. A player is supposed to become part of the experience. However, as one plays the game it can bring home a rather odd feeling. And it’s at that point where one begins to suspect that the developers really did have a larger plan in mind.

The ancient egyptian theme is something which draws one in with an exotic charm. At the same time, the current day symbols evoke a feeling of familiarity. It really does evoke the feeling of a present day explorer wandering in an ancient pyramid. Because the player is supposed to feel a bit alien in the environment. It should evoke some general feelings of being somewhat out of place. And yet it should feel familiar as well. The contrast of old and new within the design manages to create those feelings in a way which wouldn’t come about with strict adherence to either.

It’s clear after seeing the full set of symbols that this wasn’t an act of laziness on the part of the developers. The graphic design of both new and old symbols is quite well done. Saying that they fit in well together is an understatement. In the case of the wild symbol, for example, an ancient candelabra actually does fit in with a modern font. The visual theme probably won’t be to everyone’s taste. But if one gives it a chance, it might turn out to really draw them in. And it’s most certainly something unique in the world of video slots.

Of course there’s more to a video slot than just the video. There’s also a really well done audio component to the game. Again, this shows that while some aspects of the game are unconventional that the overall design really had a lot of care put into it. The main point of the audio comes from atmosphere. The top of the screen, and the wild symbol, have burning torches. When the player hasn’t spun, he or she will be treated to audio which evokes the sound of torches burning. In some ways this might be seen as a minor point. But it perfectly matches what’s on screen in a way that most video slots don’t even attempt. Stark silence with only the lonely sound of a torch burning just beg for the player to make something happen. Again, in a similar way to how one might feel when exploring an ancient tomb.

Of course presentation would be nothing without an actual game. And the Pharaoh King has a strong underlying foundation. It has twenty lines and five reels. For the most part, it’s a fairly traditional setup. The player is trying to create a match of three symbols. The wild value is, as expected, wild. It substitutes for a winning value if it comes up in conjunction with the others.

All of that is pretty conventional. And it’s fun for what it is. A solid take on video slots. But where the fun really begins is the hidden keys. Remember those doors? Well, that’s where the keys come in. There’s a red, blue, and green key which match the colored doors. These keys will randomly appear on the game’s fifth reel. Thankfully, the fact that they appear on only one reel means that there’s no need for them to appear at the same time. Instead, the game actually keeps track of what keys the player has found. When the final key is found, the player is entered into the bonus round. From here, he or she will be able to choose to take the contents of a specific urn. One of the urns will trigger the end of the bonus game, but one can’t know which until it’s found. Otherwise the player can keep on picking up the prize of bonus winnings.

All in all it’s an interesting take on the genre. It’s easy to assume a fairly standard game when looking at it for the first time. And the basics of how it operates, aside from the bonus round, are fairly standard. But really makes it unique is the blend of old and new in the graphic design. Along with a really solid soundtrack, it all serves to create an interesting feeling within the player. One which, for the right person, will really draw one into the game.

Pharaoh King Slot
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