[miau] The Orion has a very unique and enjoyable game play that is sure to satisfy players of all types. First is a description of the basics of the game. The Orion wheel is a 50 line game, the display has 4 symbols per wheel and 5 wheels displayed at a time. Each wheel has a unique sequence, with some wheels that have recurring symbols, this increases the potential for duplicate and triplicate symbols in any one spin.

orion_slot_machineThe story of Orion, which the game is based on, is a story of adventure and action. In the myth, Orion is a hunter and a hero, seeking and enjoying adventures. He is widely recognized as a hero in every traditional sense. In the Odyssey by Homer, Orion appears as a great hunter who interacts with Odysseus, who sees his shade in the underworld. Like many myths, Orion is conflicted with a dark side as well as his heroic nature.

In terms of the graphics, symbols and audio, all is very pleasing to use and based on the myth of Orion. Some of the symbols unique to the myth are the dogs which Orion had, a goddess, the scorpion that killed Orion and even the hunter. In general, the screen appears to be as good of quality as you can desire, with plenty of entertainment.

The creators and designers of the Orion Slot machine obviously took these aspects of the myth into account as they made the game play and layout of the game. The symbols and figures contained on each wheel have some connection to the myth and the game play is one that instills excitement and adventure in the player.

One of the most exciting portion of any slot machine is succeeding, winning credits and earning free spins. If a player lands on three or more Orion Scatter symbols, the Orion free spin feature appears. With this the player has eight free spins. Throughout the use of the free spins coins bet and lines played remains the same as the spin that landed on the Orion free spin. During a free spin if a string of Wilds is landed on a Wild Slide is triggered which fills the entire wheel with Wilds.

While a player is using their free spins, a few rules and features change in the game-play. The portal symbol becomes Wild, which also triggers the entire wheel to turn to Portals if a sequence of Portals is landed on any given wheel. If any Wild symbol is landed on it is played on any row to complete a set for more possible earnings. With a bonus game free spins can be reactivated allowing for longer game-play. If another Orion symbol is landed on during a free spin, it counts for a new free spin that is awarded to the remaining number of free spins.

The whole machine is affordable, quality and pleasing. All a player needs to do is set their ante wager and push spin to enter the game. The game-play on a spin to spin basis is straightforward, very easy for any player to figure out. Add that to the entertainment value and Orion is a quality slot machine that any and every player could like.

Orion Slot
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