[miau] NexGen continues to create fun and exciting video slots, and their release of Munchers is just another example of how they push the envelope and go where no other manufacturer will go. The unusual theme in Munchers is set in some abandoned greenhouse, where swinging lights, moving water pail, and a sprinkler with a life of its own are just in the background. The freaky greenhouse is home to some pretty weird plants. The bonus round is definitely worth playing for, and the appeal will definitely make this one of those games you go back to time and time again to play.

Munchers is your standard 5 reel and 25 payline video slot, with a few twists that make the game fresh every time you play. The graphics and the presentation are extremely good, the animated bonus round is something you simply must experience. The symbols in the game range from the traditional playing card symbols like the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten, and the Nine, covered is creepy green vines. The gardeners glove and tools are more valuable, with the spider and the fly being the most valuable symbols to get on your paylines.

The wild symbol in the game will reward you with a huge amount of cash in your bankroll, if you can get that creepy man eating plant to appear. This man eater makes another appearance in the bonus round in a much more pronounced way. The wild symbol will substitute for anything on the paylines except for the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is the polka-dotted watering can, and you need to get 3 or more of then to enjoy 10 free games in the bonus round.

Now if you are lucky enough to get the 3 scatters to appear anywhere on the reels, things really take a creepy turn. As you enter the bonus round, you will receive a message announcing that you have won 10 free spins. Pay close attention to those five planting pots that have been under the reels doing nothing so far in the game. They actually come to life in the bonus round. As the reels begin to spin, you never know when a giant man eating plant will rise from one of the pots and start munching on the reel above. As the reel is devoured, the word wild fills the entire reel, making all symbols wild in that reel.

During the bonus round, it is not unlikely for more than one plant to rise from the pots and munch away the reels. If you get lucky and multiple plants are chewing away at the reels, your winnings will explode quickly with all the wild symbols in just about every position. One other feature of Munchers is the gamble feature. After each win during regular play, you will be prompted to take a chance and risk your money for bigger profits. Choose whether a card is red or black, you double your winnings. Get crazy and choose the suit of the card, you just quadrupled your winnings. It is that easy!

Let Munchers take complete control of the game by running in autoplay mode. Click the autoplay button on the lower left and you will not have to do anything but watch your profits grow.

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