Mega Gems is a futuristic looking 3D slot game created by Betsoft Gaming LTD. The graphics are visually-stunning with a number of beautiful gems included on the reels such as a red ruby, blue sapphire, green emerald, yellow citrine, and purple amethyst. This theme, with its futuristic undertones, provides the players with 5 reels and a chance for a 10 payline payout. Mega Gems comes with a lot of features such as free spins and wild symbols which expand to cover the whole reel. Mega Gems however, offers plenty of bonuses and the progressive jackpot are enough to keep players entertained, which is what slot players look for when choosing a game to play.

When a player first enters Mega Gems they must choose whether they want to play wild or if they want to accept the challenge of a progressive jackpot. Once they have chosen which type of game they wish to play, they may be captivated by the Led lamps tracking across the screen and the shooting stars blazing. Next players decide how many coins they wish to bet. These can range from .02 up to 1.00 full credits. They can then select the number of lines they wish to play these range from one to ten. Then, they will set how many bets per line they wish to play these range from one to ten as well. The player then offers three different ways to spin. They can manually spin by pressing the spin button, choose the max spin which will set everything to the maximum amount before spinning, and the automatic option, where the player can set the game up by choosing how many times it wishes the game to spin on their behalf. Automatic spins ranging from five to one hundred spins before the player will have to reset their automatic spin settings again. As the play begins if a player is lucky to get the hexagonal wild icon this will fill the whole reel before turning to a neon WILD. The WILD remains in place while the rest of the gems are entered into a re-spin. During the re-spin, if the player is awarded another wild Hexagon symbol on a different reel, another re-spin will begin again, which grants the player a greater chance of acquiring more payline combinations.

When a player wins points the led light show is impressive. Shooting stars light up the winning payline, and the amount won flashes in the middle of the gems. Once a player has earned 3 diamond rings, the wild symbol appears on reels 2,3,and 4. Once the wild symbols appear and the player is given their free spin, this opens up new bonuses for the player. If a player wins 5 spins, they are awarded a 10x multiplier. For each consecutive won spin the player gains a multiplier which varies in range from 3x to 10x. Players can expect the Wild symbol to appear on the second, third and fourth reels only. If you can get the middle three reels to strike wild you will win some impressive returns. When a player plays the progressive jackpot option at the beginning of the game, to win the jackpot players will need to have the jackpots land in the three middle reels to win the pot.

Honestly, Mega Gems do not have the largest jackpots out there. However, it is a progressive jackpot so there is the chance a substantial jackpot could payout at any time. Some other features you will find with Mega Gems is it pays out both right to left and left to right, unlike most slot games that only pay out left to right. Each number shown when a payline win shows the player a number from one to five. If a player sees a five lit up in the blue gem on a winning payline they have won 250 coins. A 4 wins, the player 200 coins and the amount decrease as the numbers decrease. Each color and number combination denotes the amount of coins won, the blue gems are the highest paying. When you win a message is lit up across the screen saying Nice! As this message rotates around the screen it changes color to take on the colors of all of the gems as an added visual stimulation for the players. Mega Gems have a simple format which, when combined with the visual graphics it creates a stunning, winning combination.

When a player runs out of coins a message will stop play and tell the player to exit the game and re-enter to reload their fun money account. Everything about this game is polite and encouraging, it allows the player to have a relaxing time, while enjoying a visually stimulating experience with an audio track that compliments the visuals. Mega Gems in the latest release of Betsoft Gaming Ltd, a London based software developer, who is ranked number one by iGaming and has been the original pioneer and innovator in the 3d cinematic gaming software revolution. Their design team has once again taken what is a very simple slot theme and created an amazing gaming experience that overall, has everything, even the most discerning players have come to expect from Betsoft Gaming. Betsoft Gaming has once again provided a top quality title, that will definitely be recommended to all discerning players, Betsoft Gaming has another hit on their hands with Mega Gems that will certainly have a future shining as brightly as those luminescent jewels players will find on its 5 reels of fun!

Mega Gems Slot
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