Not having enough fun in your life? It might just be time to get mad. Not angry, but mad in the style of a mad scientist bent on earning some amazing winnings. That’s the them of the Mad Scientist video slot machine.

The player takes on the role of the assistant the maddest scientist this side of a 50s science fiction movie. But instead of radioactive monsters, the player and scientist will team up to try to create some big prizes and even bigger scores.

There’s a lot of good things to say about Mad Scientist, but one of the most significant comes down to the visual style. Frankly, the game is just beautiful. Every aspect of the game is perfectly themed to create and evoke an atmosphere of campy science fiction fun. The game’s border is filled with electricity, and it’s sure to provide some fun shocks to the player’s imagination. Also lining the screen are any number of bunsen burners, beakers, flasks and test tubes which contain player interface items or information about the game. This culminates on the readout within the lower left corner. Here, the player can gaze at the virtual chalkboard in order to find the stats of his or her run. This will convey information such as the credits, wins, bets and balance.

And of course the player’s good friend, the titular mad scientist himself, perches at the bottom of the screen. Within the center of the screen one sees the real meat of the game. A variety of colorful symbols and icons will present themselves for the player’s approval. And it’s almost a certainty that players will approve. Because the actual design of the icons is some of the best in the industry. Again, to go along with the excellent framing, the symbols themselves evoke a variety of emotions.

Anyone who loves old science fiction movies is sure to get a thrill out of the various symbols. Some of the highlights include test tubes filled with strange liquids, chalk boards with odd equations, biohazard warnings and of course the atomic symbol itself. A spin of the slots is sure to raise the hair on one’s head as the electrical generators on screen whiz by. And of course that’s further highlighted by the electricity on the side of the screen.

Of course all this is there to draw the player into the experience. it’s window dressing, but window dressing of the best kind. It’s the background music of life in a way. As the player progresses, it’s a bit like having a soundtrack echoing in one’s ear and the wind moving through his hair.

But the actual car in this metaphor is the ruleset of Mad Scientist. And that’s a very solid foundation to set oneself within. There’s five reels, and twenty paylines to the game. Which is pretty exciting for a player. At the same time though, it’s a variation on something which every video slot has. What sets Mad Scientist apart from the rest?

The wild values are always something to really add spice to a game. In the case of Mad Scientist, this comes in the form of tesla coils. Or as they’re known in the game, the Wild O’ Cution feature. And if it’s electrocution, it’s electrically fun. Because if it appears on reel one or five and on payline one, two or three than the extra feature will activate. The tesla coils will fire and the Wild O’ Cution will begin. The symbols between them will in turn change into the wild value. To say that this boosts a players winnings would be an understatement.

What a player will really want to aim for is the Great Experiment Bonus. This bonus feature is activated when the player hits three or more test tubes on an active payline. When the player triggers this bonus game, they’ll get a chance to help the scientist select items for his experiment. Whatever the nature of the results, one thing is certain. The player is going to be very happy to have gotten that far. Because the bonus might come in a variety of sizes, but it’s usually going to be quite significant.

All of this comes with some really fantastic effects. It’s really clear to see the cinematic influence. In many ways it’s like stepping into an old movie. The sights, the sounds and the general atmosphere are all evocative of another time and place. And while the audio is a bit more simple, it still ends up having a generally immersive effect on a player’s mood. In general it’s just an easy game to get into.

Of course one of the main points of a slot machine is to actually earn something. Does the game live up to that potential as well? Any slot game is going to obey certain rules of chance. Much like rolling dice, it’s all up in the air. However, that’s one of the unique aspects of video slot games over the fully mechanical variety. The fact that they’re programmable and can contain bonus games or features will always change the odds around. And in general, most players should be happy with Mad Scientist. It’s not quite as wild a ride as some video slots.

Often times a slot game which can give a huge reward to a player’s odds can also take it away. The nature of modifier symbols can have an exponential effect on total winnings. That effect can be both good and bad depending on the odds. Mad Scientist aims for more of a middle ground. The odds will typically end up better than what one would find with a mechanical slot machine. But the fact that it really draws the player in will also mean that the slight bonus it provides will tend to act in the player’s favor after a while. The real trick is to keep with it, and help the scientist with his experiments. If the player does so, the scientist may well decide to help out in return!

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