[miau] The Mad Mad Monkey Slot game is the story of a crazy monkey that lives in the jungle, he would love nothing more than for the individual to join him in to join him in his wacky adventures in his quest to have the time of his life and to find wonderful treasures. This is a five reel game that has fifty lines that can be played, increasing the chance of winning with every spin. Along with having a whopping fifty line game play, there are also many ways to obtain a bonus as well as getting the well-loved free spin bonus.

mad_mad_monkey_slot_machineOne of the most exciting ways to win a lot of coins is to get a total of five bananas on the same line, this will provide the player with one thousand coins. Let the fun and excitement continue with the mad money symbol, when this appears on any line it is a wild card and will increase the winnings. What is even better than getting one mad monkey is the ability to get as many as four at a time. Now is the time to sit back and watch your winnings pour in as whatever the player has bet will be doubled or even tripled. Players will enjoy not only the ability to win some very nice rewards, but also the wonderful graphics, the sound effects and the insane behavior of the mad monkey, whom is sure to make even the most hard core slot machine player laugh. When it comes to being rewarded with free spins the chance to keep reactivating them repeatedly is what keeps the excitement building. Every time the reels are spun, there is the chance that the player will squeal with delight when he or she hears the wonderful sound of the free spins being reactivated. Being rewarded with the free spin bonus is not as hard to get as it is in other slot games, all it takes to get the free spin bonus is to have three scatter symbols, then let the fun begin.

Now for those individuals that like a bit of the true gambling feel to their slot games, mad mad monkey offers the option of gambling on each of your wins. Should a player choose to gamble with their winnings and have the chance to even win more, all they will have to do is be smart enough to pick the right colored card. If the right color is chosen, they will win, however, if the wrong color is picked, they will lose and will be returned to the game. This is gambling bonus that was added to provide even more entertainment and thrill for the players.

Mad Mad Monkey is a game that appeals to all gamblers because it is an extremely cute game with excellent sound effects and music. The graphics are charming, dynamic and colorful and it is very easy to obtain a bonus on this slot game. One of the many things that people will enjoy is the fact that the winnings can increase in tandem with the amount the player bets. The game mechanics are quite fluid and dynamic, exciting and rather flashy, which catches peoples’ attention. Mad Mad Monkey is a game that all slot players should try at least once.

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