[miau] In the highly competitive world of online gaming, slots developers have to constantly push the envelope on what a user can expect from a slots game. Such is definitely the case with Lucky 8 Roulette slots. This is a type of video slot machine that no one has ever seen before. In fact, calling it a slot machine might be incorrect; it actually functions more like a roulette wheel. Although it is a hybrid version of a roulette wheel and a slot machine, one thing this game is, is fun for anyone. Whether you like low-stakes slots or high-stakes roulette, Lucky 8 Roulette has something that will draw you in.

lucky_8_roulette_slot_machineLucky 8 Roulette Slots Features

One of the first features you might notice about this unique game is that instead of having reels and paylines, you’re actually dealing with a mock-up of a roulette table. That is to say, you will see the basic roulette table layout, with red/black, odds/evens/ etc, along with three wheels above the board, which represent the slots aspect of the game. The numbers are also increased. Whereas you get 36 with a typical roulette wheel, plus the 0, you get 49 with Lucky 8 Roulette, for 50 in total.

Where this differs from roulette is in the slot functionality of the game. For instance, instead of betting on a number and having one chance to win, you actually have three chances to win since there are three wheels. And you also don’t have to hit your exact number or board bet. Different wheel combinations will also allow you to win different prizes. It all depends on what you hit on the slots side of the game. Plus, if you manage to hit an 8 on all three wheels, you will win the game’s progressive jackpot, which can climb into the millions.

Lucky 8 Roulette Slots Betting Options

The betting options of Lucky 8 Roulette are obviously pretty widespread compared to other online slot machines. After all, you are basically playing a game of roulette with three wheels above the table. This allows you to bet on straight numbers, odds and evens, black and red, 1/3 of the board, corners, blocks, etc. The betting options are practically unlimited once you get into all the different variations of bets you can place. And you can place a small wager if you’d like, or you can go all out high-roller style.

Lucky 8 Roulette Slots Conclusion

Lucky 8 Roulette isn’t the only hybrid game out there, but it may be the only game that so effortlessly blends roulette with slots. This is a game that might appeal to a wide range of casino gamblers. In fact, you might be witnessing the birth of an entirely new game – a three-wheeled roulette table that has a progressive jackpot.

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