[miau] Everyone wishes for the best of luck when they are playing the slot machines. That luck may come a little easier when they are playing a game that is themed around the whole idea of luck. The luck o’ the Irish game is designed with this idea in mind.

luck_o_the_irish_slot_machineWhat Luck o’ the Irish has that others do not are some of the luckiest symbols from the country of Ireland. There are leprechauns of course as well as pots of gold. Hearts and other symbols make up the rest of the game play choices, and all are considered lucky.

Players will attempt to match up like symbols from left to right. They will need to match up at least 3 like symbols in most cases to win anything at all. Of course, the different types of symbols have different values attached to them. This means that certain symbols may be worth more than others and should be looked for carefully. Those who match up some of the higher end symbols can enjoy larger wins.

Pots of gold are some of the most sought after symbols in this game because they serve the scatter function. Players can win up to 500 times the amount of their original bet if they are lucky enough to hit five pots of gold. This of course is a rare event, but players are sometimes able to pull it off. When they do, they are rewarded handsomely for their luck.

After any win on this game, players have the option to play a gambling game with the winnings that they have just won. They do not have to make the choice to play the game, but they can also decide to just keep the winnings that they have already managed to win. It is an all or nothing type feature whereby the player chooses if they believe that a card will be red or black. If they select correctly, then they are rewarded with double their earnings. Choose wrong though and the player will sadly be left with no winnings.

The Gold Pots bonus is the other main feature of this game. With this feature, a player must choose from five different pots of gold. Each pot has something different to reveal. The player who selects the lucky pots may find themselves with as many as 33 spins and a multiplier of up to 15X. These kind of results can lead to some big winnings. Even better, the free spins can be retriggered at any point during the bonus, so players are always going to have the possibility of winning even more as their spins go around and around.

Consider this game for the lucky factor that it just might hold for you. Many have discovered that this is exactly the kind of game that they have been looking for all this time.

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