[miau] This is a fun and exiting game with some money to be won, if one can keep their wits about them. Lotto Madness has some cool graphics that look like cartoons which helps, there’s nothing better that eye-catching graphic display to help keep focus on a game. Organization helps a lot too and Lotto Madness Slot machine is easy on the eyes. If a game has cheesy or unattractive graphics, I usually pass. Lotto Madness has a good selection of bonuses and nice prize offers. You can win this, the odds are fair so I would advice to keep playing. There’s a saying, most people probably heard: ” One has to be in it, to win it “. Anyway, the theme of Lotto Madness is the lotto logo, perched atop the five-reel machine. You see the buttons below the slots. All the pics,logos etc. all point to how to win,like the piles of money, lotto ball, the champagne glasses and other images displayed. The choices for betting are from .01 up to $1000.Players can choose coins to play and the coins rise in value from 1 to 10 and more. You can control your spending by selecting coin values.

lotto_madness_slot_machineWhat other features does Lotto Madness Slots have?

I’m glad you asked because that wild symbol that pops up can win you $10,000 if you manage to get five of them. Although, all 5 wild cards have to show up on an active win line to collect that fabulous sum. Then there’s the dollar signs, the point it to get a bunch of dollar signs on the same reel at the same time for different cash prize amounts. Depending on which dollar sign comes up, you can win 10 times your total bet and much more. Imagine winning 50 times a one hundred dollar bet? If you can get the bonus symbol pop-up on reel one and reel five, your offered a lucky break with a chance for a bonus round. Any reel can spew out a bonus.
Once bonus rounds commence, there’s chance to spin that wheel for an instant win. You can keep the win or spin again for higher stakes.

Playing with real money? Then the Dollar Ball game is best because you choose spending one credit on each spin. If your spin produces a dollar ball you can win up to 25 times the total you bet, 1/2 the jackpot amount, or jackpots for 1,2 up to 5 balls.

Lotto Madness Slots is a fun game that keeps you playing yet has many chances to win. There are other slot machines but if you like to play to win the most money, get a game you can enjoy to make playing interesting, while offering various ways to win.

Lotto Madness Slots, is that game! When it comes to wining, the lucky consistent winners have said that they find a game they enjoy and stick with it. A good vibe always improve a players chance at winning. Concentration is also improved when players know how a game works. A happy player and calm player, in any game will attract good luck. I bet if you think back to times when you did win on a game, your weren’t anxious, or worried but were just enjoying the process.

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