[miau] If an individual is searching for a 5 reel slot game that offers not only the chance to win big, but a ton of fun and excitement, then the Leprechaun Goes Egypt video slot is the perfect choice. This game is very entertaining game that features a Leprechaun that happens to go to Egypt for his holiday. Nothing is more amusing then to see how he uses his magic to mess Egyptian land marks, painting all the pyramids a very pretty green color(Or so he thinks) taking a break to share a beer with mummy’s and going as Far as to smash a scarab with his pot of gold. If this is not amusing enough for the player, just wait until he turns the dignified Cleopatra into nothing more than a common serving wench!

leprechaun_goes_egypt_slot_machineThis wildly funny game has three bonus features where the player has the chance to win some serious credits. When the player gets the bonus where they have to Rescue Cleopatra, the fun really begins, as the object of this bonus is to reach the treasure chamber and rescue Cleopatra and you do this by picking the right doors. However, if you are unlucky and pick the door that has a mummy behind it, the bonus game is over. Should you be one of the lucky players and find the door that has Cleopatra behind it, you can win a wonderful prize of up to five hundred times your bet.

If this is not good enough for the player and there is no reason to worry, there are other bonus that give you the ability to win some wonderful cash, and let’s not forget the free spins that will be awarded if the player gets three or more Cleopatra scatter symbols. Here the player will be gave the option of choosing between, Cleopatra whom will offers five free spins, with a six time multiplier, the wonderfully amusing Leprechaun who gives you ten free spins with a three times the bet multiplier or the mummy offers fifteen free spins but only has two times the bet multiplier.

Should the player choose wisely, and if luck of the Irish is on their side, there is the ability to stack up some nice cash, and perhaps if the luck of the Irish is really on their side, the player will be rewarded with free spins over and over again. However, the fun does not stop with just the free spins and the rescue Cleopatra bonus, there are other wildly funny and exciting bonus that the game offers that will tickle the funny bone as well as offer the chance of winning some nice credits. This is truly a one of a kind slot game that has many followers, and who could blame them, as this slot game has more humor, better sound, and perfect graphics then many other well know slot games. So step right up and try your hand at the Leprechaun Goes Egypt Slot game, who knows, the luck of the Irish just may be smiling down on you and you could walk away with a lot of the Leprechaun’s gold in your pockets. Watch out for the mummy in your quest for riches though, as if you are unlucky enough to find him in the bonus game, you will run the chance of losing the riches you came after.

Leprechaun Goes Egypt Slot
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