The cooler weather has officially moved in. That’s because summer has ended and fall has arrived. It’s time to say bye to many of the summer activities that some of us loved and had enjoyed doing as a hobby. One of those popular activities is fishing. There’s just something soothing and relaxing when being out by a nice body of water. Fishing is more than a hobby, for some it’s a lifestyle. Plus, it’s exciting to see the large variety of fish that can be caught! Unfortunately, fishing doesn’t happen in the colder months so those who love it have to find other alternatives. One great alternative is to find a fishing game online! It can be done from the warmth and comfort of a persons own home but they can still get their fishing fix in. There is a large variety of fishing games out there and sometimes it can be hard to find which one most closely resembles fishing. I played the Lake Fishing game from and I was pleasantly surprised for the most part.

Upon starting the game, I was able to choose my location by clicking on a flag. I could choose to fish within the trees, in areas with more marsh, open waters, or by landmarks such as a few small hills. Choosing my location has always been one of my favorite parts in fishing. That’s why I was delighted that this game included that aspect. It understand that we all have personal preferences when it comes to where we fish.

The game itself is incredibly basic and easy. If you are looking for a challenging and time-consuming fishing game then this is not the game for you. There are no challenging levels to pass or fish to try and catch. This game is more focused on allowing a person to relax while replicating the art of fishing. This game wants a person to feel like they are out on the lake for a nice day of fishing. The graphics are simple. You can see the scenery in water on all sides. There is a fishing pole in the front and middle of the screen. This is your pole. I would have liked to see the game give me the option of choosing what kind of pole and bait I would be using. Instead, it is decided for you. The sounds of the game are meant for a person to feel like they are actually out on the lake. They are the sounds of nature. You can hear the water flowing and various animals all around. It’s really helping to recreate the fishing experience.

Now, onto the most important part which is playing the game. All you have to do is click where you want to cast your line on the screen. You won’t watch a fish every time you do this because that’s not what happens in the real world. It’s a game of chance and luck depending on where you throw your line. You’ll have to reel your line in each time you cast it. The best part is that the game will tell you when you’ve caught a fish. You can tell how big it is because of how much slack is left on your line. Be careful at how you reel your fish in because I discovered that they can get away!

My favorite part is seeing the fish that I’ve caught. After you reel your fish in, it shows you the type, length, and weight of each fish. I’ve caught a Crucian, Carp, and a Bream. I look forward to catching even more and seeing all of the varieties that the lake has to offer. In one of the areas I was playing, I cast the line closer to me and ended up catching a goldfish! It’s kind of cool how closely this game resembles real life.

I only have a few small complaints when it comes to this game. For one, I do wish there was just a bit more of a challenge involved. One way this could have been accomplished is by showing the fish swimming under the water before we cast the line. That way, we can try and get a certain fish just like it sometimes happens in fishing in the real world. I also wish that there were more advanced levels and with each level a new and more rare fish was introduced!

Overall, I do really enjoy this game and I play it to relax. It’s really helping to satisfy my craving to go fishing. I enjoy the sights and sounds of nature that are in this game. The graphics of the lake and the fish are simple but they get the job done. The fish are fairly accurate representations of how you’d find them in an actual lake. This game is fun and I plan on playing it until next Summer rolls around and I can get back on my lake. [arcadegame]

Lake Fishing Game
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