[miau] I’ve recently begun playing the Lady of Fortune Slot machine game online and I’ve been having a blast with it. I’m a long-time fan of slot machines and I find Lady of Fortune to be one of the best games I have ever played. The graphics are very sharp and clean. When I play a slot machine game, I get really into it and I like to play for awhile so I need a game that holds my attention. I never get tired of Lady of Fortune, it doesn’t have that cheap, chintzy feel that other games do. Lady of Fortune is characterized by all the lucky charms that people routinely associated with good fortune, such as four leaf clovers and rabbit’s feet. Depending upon my mood, I like to choose whatever important talisman speaks to me and concentrate all my energy on wishing for it.

lady_of_fortune_slot_machineThere’s several different options for gameplay, which is something I like. Sometimes you want a mild gaming session, and other times, you feel as if luck is on your side and you want to gamble a little more. Lady of Fortune allows you to choose whatever setting you wish.

Another thing I liked about Lady of Fortune is its mobility. It works on every platform that I’ve tried it, from my laptop to my cellphone. There are five reels on Lady of Fortune with 15 playlines. Each playline allows you to be up to 15 coins. Lady of Fortune also has Wilds, like so many other traditional slot machine games.

There are some things that could be improved upon. For instance, more bonus options would be nice. There’s one random Pick ‘Em bonus where you choose a crystal ball. If you are lucky enough to get a crystal ball, you will be able to get a random amount of money. There are many online slot games that reward continuous play with bonuses and Lady of Fortune doesn’t do that. You aren’t going to win a ton of money playing Lady of Fortune, at least in my experience. The wins are substantial though and I felt as if the game was worth my time.

The gameplay could be a little more exciting. When you win big, for instance, the game doesn’t do anything special to alert you. Most slot machines games will make noise or flash lights but Lady of Fortune just adds the fund to your pot without much fanfare. It’s not the most original slot machine online today although it is perfectly serviceable. You can even play a free demo version before you decide whether to commit to the game. If you are the type of person who likes to get a feel of a game before putting money down, that’s a positive.

In short, Lady of Fortune is a solid slot machine game with reliable play although lacking some of the major bells and whistles found in other online slot machines. If you want a game that you can play often, and on all your different devices, look no further than Lady of Fortune. You will find it to be a fun gaming experience.

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