[miau] Leave it to Net Entertainment to create a unique crossover game that you would never consider in video slot machines. Jungle Games is a fun mix of both sports and African animals, and while it might seem strange on the surface, this premise really is quite appealing. The 3D graphics make the symbols come to life on every spin, and the safari backdrop is nothing short of stunning in design. This 5 reel and 20 payline video slot game has great sound effects that mimic the animals on the screen, with graphics that are simply incredible.

jungle_bucks_slot_machineNow before you grab your sports equipment and go running through the safari, you need to get better acquainted with all the symbols that make up Jungle Games. The whistle, swimming goggles, and basketball, make up the lower paying symbols. Next up, the dumbbells, ping pong paddle, and boxing gloves are the next tier of paying symbols. The highest of the paying symbols are the hippo, the giraffe, the monkey, the rhino, and the lion tops the list. The only other two symbols are the wild trophy an the scatter medal.

During regular play on Jungle Games, the wild trophy symbol substitutes for all the other symbols in a payline. Get 3 or more scatter symbols on the reels and you are rewarded with a Pick Win Bonus Feature. Here you are given the opportunity to choose between two different rewards. You have the choice of picking coins or picking free spins, a difficult choice considering you have no idea how valuable those free spins might be. Make the right choice, and you could be rewarded with the 200,000 coin jackpot. Choose one of the scatter symbols and you win a random prize. Choose the free spins, and you reveal the spins and multiplier. With a multiplier as high as 5x, you can imagine the riches that await you if the symbols fall your way.

The main screen for the Jungle Bucks is extremely easy to navigate. First you toggle the button up or down to choose the number of betting lines. Then you do the same to determine the betting level from 1 through 4. There is an autoplay feature available on Jungle Bucks that will allow you to simply sit back and enjoy the show without having to press the spin button each time. The reels will continue to spin for a predetermined mount of spins, or you can simply hit the stop button and take back control of the slot game yourself.

Jungle Bucks is a fun twist on same themes that may have become stale over the years. This fresh new twist breathes plenty of life and excitement into one slot game. Sit back and wrap your head around this unique twist of popular themes, and see if you can escape the jungle with bags of coins to jam into your bankroll.

Jungle Bucks Slot
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