[miau] Online slot machines aren’t exactly like iPhones, in the sense that people aren’t exactly lining up around the block for the latest release. However, with a release like Jumpin’ Rabbit slots, it didn’t take long at all until folks started filling up online casinos in order to play. Jumpin’ Rabbit slots is an online video slot machine game that was borne of a combination between two giants in the industry. It was developed by famed Bluberi Gaming, but it is released under the king of all slots, Microgaming. Not only is the game colorful, fast-paced and fun, but it also has a great betting range and plenty of other cool features to keep anyone interested. 

Jumpin’ Rabbit Slots Features

Jumpin’ Rabbit is a 5-reel, 30-payline online slot machine that has been turning heads all year. The theme is about a pair of rabbits who are flying through the sky in a plane. So, where the “Jumpin’” comes from is anyone’s guess; Flying Rabbit would be more accurate. Nevertheless the theme is very whimsical and entertaining. You get reels that are packed with symbols like carrots, aviator glasses, windsocks, helmets, and the standard playing card symbols, Jack through Ace. The top-paying symbol of the game is the slot’s namesake, the Jumpin’ Rabbit logo. When this appears, players can win up to 500 coins for hitting 5 on the reels. Though you don’t exactly need all 5. There are also wilds in this game. You can hit a skydiving rabbit and that will act as the highest-needed symbol to possibly complete a winning combination.

There is no legitimate standalone bonus game to speak of, but there is a free spins round. This might be a little too hard to trigger for many slots fanatics, but if you do manage to trigger this free round, just remember that you can retrigger it with the right combination of scatter symbols. The best part: You get to use a new set of reels in this round, which gives you even more wild symbols that increase your odds of hitting some big prizes.

Jumpin’ Rabbit Slots Betting Options

Unfortunately, this game isn’t part of Microgaming’s progressive jackpot offerings. But you can still win some big prizes here. The betting structure is completely self-explanatory, and if you can click an arrow and adjust your on-screen options, then you can place bets on any number of paylines (up to 30) you choose, or you can adjust your total stake amount. It’s also a good game for players of all betting ranges. You can bet coins that range from 0.01 to 0.25, and you can put down an impressive 20 coins per line – or $5 per line, equating to $150 per spin, if you can actually afford that. So, for high-rollers, this is a great game.

Jumpin’ Rabbit Slots Conclusion

Like with all slot games online, there are some hits and some misses with Jumpin’ Rabbit slots. For starters, this game could definitely use a legitimate bonus game and not just some free spins. And if it had a progressive jackpot, that would be even better. However, it does have a wide betting range, good graphics, and the theme is really fun.

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