[miau] The Jolly Roger Slot is a game that offers 15 pay lines bonuses. It was created and designed by the Play n Go Company. The first of its kind, it is a game that attracts many and has a large following. This could also have something to do with the fact that it has been around for a while. The game is pirate themed and with the luck of the draw, the player can be given an award of two bonus spins on the base game. 

jolly_roger_slot_machineOne thing that players will notices is that all Play n Go video slots are well orchestrated. They allow the player to be in the driver’s seat regardless of their stake levels. A person can play one line or all fifteen; they can also adjust the coin values per bet. What this essentially means is that a person can be a high roller or a low roller on these games, the choice is up to them. Whether someone wants to bet $1.00 or $20 per spin makes no difference, this game is completely customizable.

The Bonuses

The bonus section is what video slots are all about, and this one is sure to deliver. When spinning, the bonus section is triggered by getting three of the Treasure Chest symbols. In the first bonus game, the player has the ability to pick the type of bonus round they want. The goal is to uncover location that pays more. There are many bonus boxes to choose from, hopefully uncovering one that has the most coin value.

In the second bonus game, players are taken to treasure hunting. This allows them a second bonus round and up to three spins. This is triggered by receiving the Treasure Map symbols on a spin. Once this bonus is triggered, the player gets to choose the type of bonus game they want. These bonus rounds only appear to the first four reels, except number two. What a second bonus game means is a whole lot of coins, should the player play their cards right.


There is the ability for 15 pay line, so one spin can be $1.00 or it can be $5.00. Playing this game can be intriguing and addicting. This one has a certified long term expected player build it, so it gets friendlier when someone is playing more. The player payout is 94.98%. This number is higher than what is offered at other casino sites, and it is notably higher than lined based slot odds.

The goal is to get the jackpot by having three Jolly Roger symbols. These symbols give a person the jackpot. They can also be a multiplier symbol which helps to increase the winning combinations and double the value. If all the jackpot symbols are activated, then the payout will be 10,000 coins. Obtaining less of these symbols still gives a payout, but 1000 is the payout for four, 100 coins when three is present and 10 coins when there is just two present.

Jolly Roger Slot is a great game that is exciting and habit forming. The graphics are appealing and it is easy to follow along. Not all games are as easy to understand and the fireworks when winning is just an added bonus.

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