[miau] Jewel of the Dragon online slot game brings all of the fun and excitement of a casino game to your tablet or desktop. It is common for this game to be mistaken for the online arcade game, Jewel Dragon, but the two are not related. Instead, this vibrant and exciting game is a casino game which can be played for free in demo mode or for actual money. The game is available on many gaming and casino sites, with free play options available everywhere.

jewel_of_the_dragon_slot_machineThe Jewel of the Dragon is considered by many to be one of the most fun and exciting casino games available and the same excitement has been expressed about the online option as well. It offers a very favorable bonus and payout ratio for players and has been designed to replicate exactly the casino slot game it represents. The game has five reels and 40 separate pay lines, which must all be played with each spin.
In typical slots form, the gameplay requires participants to attempt to achieve matching lines of symbols to win. In Jewels of the Dragon the additional opportunity to achieve this is feat is with the feature known as the “Hot Zone”. This is the name for randomly appearing squares that descend from the top reels during each spin. If these squares land and remain on the reels, all of the symbols become wild. There is no specific pattern to how these Hot Zones are released or how they will land, but with each spin, there is a potential for up to 20 symbols to be made wild.
Additional extras include a Drop Zone Bonus which earns the user a free spin. This feature is only found on reels two, three and four. Extra free spins can also be found on the free spin round, which will allow eight free spins. The free spins round is triggered when three or more baby dragon or wild symbols appear during play. The Dragon Nudge feature is designed to help nudge hot zone drops which have not overlaid tiles onto various tiles, potential creating an opportunity for a free spin as well.
The graphics in the game have a playful, Asian theme and are bright and interesting enough to keep the user entertained. They are enjoyable without being too busy to distract from the attention to the game. The program itself typically work without faltering, although some have stated that some reels can appear squashed at times, but this can vary according the type of browser or medium to player is using to access the game.
The Jewel of the Dragon is a great online slots option for those who are just learning the ropes of online casino slot play. The game has a consistent, but not too hurried speed and the play is simple and easy to become accustomed to, without too many extra features that could make it confusing for a newbie to understand. However, with its slightly higher return on play than many other online slot games and its fun graphics, this is a game that will appeal equally to those with plenty of gaming experience. It will also likely remain a favorite of all those who seek out the Jewel of the Dragon whenever they hit the casinos.


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