[miau] The reason why Jewel Box is becoming one of those video slot machine games you must play often, the game keeps things relatively simple. While the winnings can easily pile up when you play this game, the payouts and bonuses are pretty straight forward. The game has the standard 5 reels, with 15 paylines to bet with. The symbols are all related to jewels in one way or another. There are no playing deck card symbols in this game, every symbol is either a jewel, a wild symbol, or the scatter jewelry box.

jewel_box_slot_machineBefore you play Jewel Box, you have two control button on the lower left of the screen. Before you set those, pick the denomination of currency that you want to play. The minimum is a penny, the maximum is twenty-five cents. Now you can set the amount of coins you want to bet each line as well as how many total lines. You have the ability to adjust these settings in between each spin of the reels, or you can simply hit the max bet button if you want to push it and try to win the bigger payouts. The reels spin very smoothly, and the images are very pleasing to the eye. The wild symbols actually spin around after they wind up on a line that has similar symbols. The graphics are some of the best in the industry.The symbols on the Jewel Box Slot game are very easy to understand. Starting at the lowest in denomination is the green emerald, then the blue sapphire, red ruby, and the diamond. The payouts get higher if you get one of the following three symbols. They are from lowest to highest the pearl necklace, the purple ring, and finally the diamond and sapphire ring. The wild card symbols are of numerical value with the multiplication sign in front of them. There is a x2, x3, x4, and the x5 wild symbol. These wild symbols substitute for everything except the scatter symbol. The amount of the wildcard dictates how much the payout for that line will be.

The scatter symbol is the burgundy and gold jewelry box. If you get 3 of the scatter symbols on the screen, the bonus feature is triggered. In this fun bonus round, you simply choose one of the jewelry boxes. Once you have chosen the box, it will reveal how much of a multiplier you have won. It can be as high as 150 times the original bet, which if you hit this could really be a monster payout if you were playing max coin when the feature was triggered. There are several different payout bonuses hidden in the jewelry boxes. The more you play, the more chances you have at hitting that jackpot with 150 multiplier.

The game plays out very straight forward. You will see which lines paid out after a win because the screen will light up with the winning pattern, revealing all the symbols that made up the winning combination. One of the reasons the payoffs are so plentiful in this game is because at any time one of the four different wild symbols can appear at any time. These wild symbols will skyrocket your innings quite quickly, especially if you have a lot of similar jewels on the screen.

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